Protein to Go protein shot

protein to go
Protein to Go
A delicious treat in disguise as a healthy protein shot


Convenience Valet® has partnered with Pro Balance LLC to distribute Protein to Go™, a protein shot that provides 28 grams of hydrolyzed whey protein with zero sugar and zero fat in each convenient, single serving 2.5 oz. bottle. Made with the finest whey protein available, Protein to Go™ is available in three varieties including great tasting French Vanilla Latte and Berry Boost, both with caffeine and Berry Frost, without caffeine. US Paralympic Athlete David Prince emphatically endorses Protein To Go™ stating his performance has had a measurable improvement since enjoying Protein To Go™ daily. Protein To Go™ promotes the development of lean muscle growth, curbs appetite for hours and promotes healthy weight loss. Protein To Go™ is excellent to drink before and after workouts or as a healthy snack alternative. Contact Convenience Valet® or Advantage Sales & Marketing via email to learn more at [email protected] or call 800.351.2000.

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