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Fruit Punch
Limited Edition Can Featuring MMA Superstar Dan “The Outlaw” Hardy
XYIENCE, maker of Xenergy, the official energy drink of the UFC, announces the addition of Fruit Punch to its Xenergy Xtreme lineup of flavors: Orange Fuel, Cherry Rush and Citrus Slam. The refreshing new Fruit Punch is a blend of flavors from natural sources, including cherry, orange and tangerine, making it a healthy option for athletes and fans alike. Yet this punch comes with a twist: its packaged in a limited edition can that features the British mixed martial arts (MMA) sensation Dan Hardy, a UFC welterweight and XYIENCE team athlete.

The sugar and calorie-free 16-ounce energy drink is available immediately and the limited edition Fruit Punch collector can is expected to sell through quickly.

“We evaluated the current trend research to find the flavor profile that would resonate most with our demographic-- and Fruit Punch is clearly a favorite,” says Michael Levy, XYIENCE CFO and COO who led the initiative to bring Fruit Punch onto the Xenergy team roster. As for the decision to include one of XYIENCE’s pro fighters on the can, Levy admits that was a bit less scientific. “Ours is an office of sports fanatics, especially MMA. Collecting trading cards, autograph cards and memorabilia is a part of being a fan. Now Xenergy and MMA fans can ‘pound the punch’ with Dan,” he says.
In sync with Fruit Punch’s appearance on the retail level, XYIENCE will launch a national consumer advertising campaign featuring Hardy.
According to John Lennon, XYIENCE’s president, the limited edition can is in step with the brand’s belief in creating authentic relationships with both its loyal consumer base and chosen sport. “XYIENCE built its foundation in MMA and the brand loyalty there is very strong,” explains Lennon, who took the reigns at XYIENCE in late 2010. Lennon notes that limited edition can featuring Hardy is another example of the unique ways in which XYIENCE and its retailers can continue to offer energy drink consumers a unique experience.
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