10 of the Fastest-Growing Salty-Snacks Brands Online

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Online sales of salty snacks have grown 56% in the five months between January 2017 and May 2017. Sales are projected to hit $100 million for the first time by the end of the year. Data from 1010data shows that PepsiCo, owner of brands such as Frito-Lay, Cheetos and Doritos, owns 41% of online sales in this category. Privately held brands consisting of many new and emerging organic and natural brands followed behind PepsiCo at 39% share of online salty-snacks sales for the same time period.

1010data, a provider of analytical tools that share and analyze data, used a number of sources of consumer spending data representing millions of customers to provide an accurate assessment of online sales, inclusive of sales on Amazon, Peapod, FreshDirect, ShopRite, Instacart, Wal-Mart, Sam's Club, Costco and more.

Click through to see the 10 fastest-growing brands by sales online according to 1010data.

1. Angie's


With 203% growth in the months between January and May 2017, Angie's, which produces Boomchickapop popcorn, is the fastest-growing brand online.

2. Sun Chips

Sun Chips

With 195% growth, SunChips is the second-fastest-growing brand by online sales. SunChips is a brand under the Frito-Lay North America umbrella.

3. Smartfood


All the top 10 brands have at least doubled their online sales year over year, according to the data. Smartfood grew 156% and is the third-fastest-growing brand by online sales. It is also a Frito-Lay brand.

4. Beanitos


Beanitos Inc. makes chips out of beans, a snack with a lot of better-for-you cache. It grew 150% in online sales and is the fourth-fastest-growing brand.

5. Combos


This snack falls under the Mars corporate portfolio. It grew 137% and came in as the fifth-fastest-growing brand in online sales.

6. Cheetos


Another Frito-Lay brand, Cheetos grew 131% in online sales and is the sixth-fastest-growing brand.

7. Chex

Chex Mix

This General Mills brand grew 121% in online sales and is the seventh-fastest-growing salty-snacks brand online.

8. Annie Chun's

Annie Chun's

Though most of the fastest-growing salty-snacks brands make popcorn and chip products, Annie Chun's is growing due to their seeweed snacks, a low-calorie alternative to other salty snacks. The brand grew by 118% in online sales and came in as the eighth-fastest-growing brand.

9. Simply 7

Simply 7

Simply 7 has a line of chips made from kale, quinoa and more. It grew 114% in online sales and is the ninth-fastest-growing brand.

10. Pringles


Pringles grew 103% in online sales and is the tenth-fastest-growing salty-snack brand.