11 Innovations in Snack Packs


When is a snack not a snack? To Gen Z consumers, it doesn’t measure up if it’s not something they can take with them, because Gen Z consumers value portability highest when selecting a snack, according to new research from The NPD Group.

Gen Z expects a “complete package of functionality, added nutrients and health benefits,” according to Port Washington, N.Y.-based NPD Group.

The oldest Gen Z consumers will be 22 years old in 2019, and they already represent 10% of total traffic on the foodservice side, according to NPD. Gen Z made 14.6 billion restaurant visits in 2018, and their habits are beginning to make their mark on dining out and eating trends.

“Gen Z's can FaceTime their friends, text their moms and order a pizza all at the same time,” said David Portalatin, food industry adviser for The NPD Group. “Although we’re just getting a peek at what Gen Z's will bring to our culture, economy and society, this generation will be a seismic force as they emerge into adulthood under more prosperous economic circumstances, yet with their own differentiating set of values.”

In addition to the demand for portability within foodservice, this group also seeks the same benefits with packaged snacks, and some viable options come in the form of snack packs. Read on for a snapshot of 11 snack pack or bowl varieties arriving at market lately.

Image: Shutterstock

1. Sabra Dipping Co.

sabra breakfast

Following the rollout of Sabra Breakfast Avocado Toast, Sabra Dipping Co. in March launched conveniently packaged Hummus Toast in two varieties: Everything Hummus Toast and Lemon Poppy Seed Hummus Toast. Both contain 7 grams of protein, 5 grams of fiber and 13 grams of whole grains. All Sabra breakfast items pair Sabra’s spreads with crispy, whole-grain toasts, plus seasoning packets to mix into the hummus.

Photograph courtesy of Sabra Dipping Co.

2. Jack Link’s

jack links snack bowls

Refrigerated grab-and-go, heat-and-eat mini entrees high in protein, Jack Link’s Snack Bowls came to market in mid-March featuring a meat and side dish. It takes one minute to prepare in the microwave and fits snugly into a car cup holder. Jack Link’s Snack Bowls are available in six flavors: Teriyaki Chicken, Cheeseburger, Nacho Chicken, Pork with BBQ Sauce and two breakfast items: Eggs, Potatoes and Cheesy Sausage Sauce, and Eggs, Potatoes and Cheesy Bacon Sauce.

Photograph courtesy of Jack Link’s

3. Just Crack an Egg

just crack an egg

With Kraft Heinz's Just Crack an Egg, consumers can have a hot, savory egg scramble in less than two minutes by simply adding a fresh egg to the cup, stirring and microwaving. Each single-serve cup contains diced vegetables, Oscar Mayer breakfast meat, Kraft Natural Cheese shreds and Ore-Ida potatoes. Four varieties are available: Denver, All American, Ultimate and Rustic. Just Crack an Egg has an SRP of $2.49 per cup.

Photograph courtesy of Kraft Heinz

4. Stonyfield Farm

snack packs stonyfield organic

Stonyfield has introduced new snack options that pair organic low-fat yogurt with organic graham crackers or organic pretzels for dipping. The Stonyfield Organic Snack Packs come in the following varieties: Strawberry Lowfat Yogurt and Graham Crackers, Chocolate Lowfat Yogurt and Graham Crackers and Chocolate Lowfat Yogurt and Pretzels. The new products require no spoon and have 120 calories per serving.

Photograph courtesy of Stonyfield Farm

5. Mangia Inc.

carmelina chickpea puree

In January, Mangia Inc. launched Carmelina Brands Chick Pea Puree in Pouch in response to a growing demand for legumes and healthier food options. Similar to the company’s complete product line, Carmelina Brands Chick Pea Puree is preservative-free with no added salt, sugars, citric acid, calcium chloride or EDTA (thylenediaminetetraacetic acid).

Photograph courtesy of Mangia Inc.

6. Olli Salumeria

oil snacks

Olli Salumeria's new snack packs combine various meat, cheese and artisanal crackers. One of its best sellers is Genoa Salami, paired with Fontina cheese and La Panzanella crackers.

Photograph courtesy of Olli Salumeria

7. Blue Moose of Boulder

blue moose organic roasted red pepper hummus on the go

Blue Moose of Boulder in January rolled out Organic On the Go Hummus Snack Packs, which pair hummus with organic, dehydrated carrot sticks. At 150 calories, 5 grams of protein and zero added sugar per container, the snack is available in Original, Roasted Red Pepper and Lemon Turmeric flavors. Also rolling out is Organic Moose Minis 100 Calorie Single Serve Cups, which are grab-and-go containers of hummus in similar flavors.

Photograph courtesy of Blue Moose of Boulder

8. Lundberg Family Farms

grain inspirations rice quinoa bowl

Not a snack pack but a portable eating solution in bowl form, Organic Grainspirations Rice & Quinoa Bowls launched in January from Lundberg Family Farms. Made with organic brown basmati rice and California-grown quinoa, each bowl offers 10 to 13 grams of plant protein per serving. The bowls are available for an SRP of $5.99 in five flavors.

Photograph courtesy of Lundberg Family Farms

9. Naturipe Farms

naturipe snacks

Naturipe Farms offers a line of fresh fruit cups with lineup options that include strawberries; strawberries and blueberries; apples, grapes and blueberries; grapes and blueberries; and apples and blueberries. With 5 ounces of fruit and a spork accessory, the cups are designed for on-the-go consumption. The fruit cups were developed with health and portability in mind, with the cups designed to fit in the cup holder of a car, the company says.

Photograph courtesy of Naturipe Farms

10. South Mill Champs

shrooms snacks

Mushroom grower South Mill Champs has introduced Shrooms Snacks, offering better-for-you snacking that infuses mushrooms into snacks. The mushrooms are grown and handpicked on the company’s Pennsylvania farm. The rollout encompasses four product lines and a combined 14 flavors. One of them is Shrooms Crispy Mushrooms, available for an SRP of $5.99 per 2-ounce package.

Photograph courtesy of South Mill Champs

11. Borden Cheese

borden cheese snack bars

Dairy Farmers of America Inc.'s Borden Cheese expanded its portfolio in March with three new selections: Whole Milk Mozzarella String Cheese; Cheese Snack Bars in Habanero Cheddar and Extra Sharp White Cheddar Cheese; and Thick Cut Shreds available in Ultimate Nacho Blend, Ultimate Mac & Cheese Blend and Ultimate Pizza Blend. Whole Milk Mozzarella String Cheese provides an indulgent taste experience featuring a buttery, whole milk flavor; Cheese Snack Bars are a nutrient-packed snack individually wrapped with 5 grams of protein per serving; and Thick Cut Shreds Blends are ideal for melting into comfort-food classics.

Photograph courtesy of Dairy Farmers of America Inc.