9 Keto-Friendly Packaged Snacks

keto diet

Niche diets can be opportunistic, but also odious, to food manufacturers and retailers. Both consume R&D efforts on the supplier side and plan-o-gram decision-making on the retail side, all to accommodate consumers who jump on a new-diet bandwagon. The question becomes: When does mass interest in a specialized diet wane and make CPGs and retailers shift gears?

Today, consumers are jumping on the ketogenic, or keto, diet. It was recognized as the most popular diet so far in 2019, according to more than 1,300 dietitians surveyed in the seventh annual “What’s Trending in Nutrition” survey from Pollock Communications and Today’s Dietitian.

Keto overtook “clean eating” from the top of last year’s list, with “intermittent fasting” making its debut as No. 2, the survey said.

More than half (61%) of Americans following an exclusion diet (e.g., vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, keto) believe that following a restrictive diet means having to pay more for food, and nearly half (47%) say it takes a toll on their social life, according to a survey commissioned by Spoon Guru. But they abide by it nevertheless.

Low-carb, high-monounsaturated fat and high-protein define the keto diet, which actually has four unique iterations. Read on for 10 recent snack and beverage launches with formulations infused with ingredient profiles that cater to keto-seeking consumers.

Photograph: Shutterstock

1. SlimFast Keto

slim fast keto bars

SlimFast Keto meal replacement shakes, bars and snacks consist of ketogenic nutrition built around high fat, low carbs and moderate protein. The line of eight options includes two meal replacement Shake Mixes (Fudge Brownie Batter and Vanilla Cake Batter), Meal Replacement Bars (Whipped Peanut Butter and Whipped Triple Chocolate) and Peanut Butter Cup Fat Bomb snacks. Each offer is made with balanced amounts of keto-compatible ingredients, including grass-fed butter, coconut oil and protein from whey and collagen.

Photograph courtesy of SlimFast

2. Horizon Organic

horizon organic fairlife high protein milk

Horizon Organic from Whitewave Services Inc. has rolled out the first multiserve organic protein milk in Horizon Organic High Protein. With 12 grams of organic protein per 8-ounce serving, the product provides 50% more protein per serving than traditional dairy milk offerings, the supplier says. Horizon Organic High Protein milk is available in Reduced Fat Chocolate, Reduced Fat Plain and Vitamin D options. The drink is regarded as an excellent source of vitamin D, calcium, riboflavin, vitamin B12 and phosphorus. It’s available for an SRP of $5.99 per 64-ounce carton.

Photograph courtesy of Horizon Organic

3. Genessee Candy Land

oinks bacon strip

Genesee Candy Land has added Oinks to its unified brand portfolio. Oinks is known for its signature chocolate-covered bacon products. It undertook a recent rebranding that includes new packaging for bacon strips, bacon bites and the newest addition to the lineup, chocolate bacon truffles. Oinks, noted for blending sweet and savory tastes, offers products that include chocolate-covered bacon strips (sweet and salty protein snack with 90 calories), bacon chocolate chip cookies and chocolate bacon truffles.

Photograph courtesy of Genessee Candy Land

4. DNX Foods

dnx foods beef and bacon jalapeno

In January, DNX Foods introduced a Grass-Fed Beef & Uncured Bacon Jalapeno Bar; it is regarded as the only truly natural keto bar currently on the market, the supplier says. The minimally processed, whole-food protein bar delivers 14 grams of protein and 9 grams of healthy fats derived from high-quality New Zealand- and Australia-raised grass-fed cattle. The bars feature uncured bacon and no whey or soy protein powders. DNX Grass-Fed Beef & Uncured Bacon Jalapeno Bars are vacuum-packed to stay fresh for a year without refrigeration.

Photograph courtesy of DNX Foods

5. Dairy Farmers of America

dairy farmers borden cheese snack bars

Some keto-friendly products are harvested from more exotic ingredients such as collagen, palm and coconut oils, nut butters and more. Some mainstream brands, on the other hand, are offering a keto experience in a more traditional core food sense. One comes from Dairy Farmers of America’s Borden Cheese, which expanded its portfolio with Whole Milk Mozzarella String Cheese; Cheese Snack Bars in Habanero Cheddar and Extra Sharp White Cheddar Cheese; and Thick Cut Shreds available in Ultimate Nacho Blend, Ultimate Mac & Cheese Blend and Ultimate Pizza Blend.

Photograph courtesy of Borden

6. Mars Inc.

mars inc. creamy snickers

Mainstream brands are adding nut butters as a tie-in to the keto trend. Mars Inc. introduced Creamy Snickers Bars formulated with freshly ground, creamy nut butters. It comes in three varieties: Almond Butter, Peanut Butter and Maple Almond Butter. With the popularity of nut butters continuing to grow, Creamy Snickers offers consumers a new, on-trend taste experience that’s made with no artificial colors, flavors or sweeteners, the company says,

Photograph courtesy of Mars Inc.

7. Jack Link’s

jack links cold crafted linkwich

Jack Link’s Cold Crafted Linkwich is made with premium cured meats, real Wisconsin cheese, 15 grams of protein, 1 gram of carbs and no sugar per serving in three flavors. Since it launched in c-stores in April 2018, Cold Crafted Linkwich has established its own separate shopping occasion as a fresh/perimeter destination item, and people are buying items such as fruits, water and other cold products along with it, according to the company. Alternatively, with Jack Link’s flagship meat snacks, consumers are prone to reach for items such as energy drinks, chips and more, the company says.

Photograph courtesy of Jack Link’s

8. Ingenuity Brands

ingenuity brands brainiac yogurt

Ingenuity Brands offers keto-friendly products appropriate for kids, such as its Brainiac Kids Whole Milk Yogurts, a line of yogurt specifically targeted to kids and promoting brain development. The whole-milk yogurt is enhanced with BrainPack, a unique blend of key nutrients that include the omega-3s DHA and ALA, as well as choline to support childhood brain development. Packaged in 4-ounce cups, Brainiac Kids is made with 40% less sugar and 50% more protein than leading kids yogurt, the supplier says.

Photograph courtesy of Ingenuity Brands

9. Caveman Foods

caveman bars

The emergence of collagen-infused ingredients into core snacks, such as protein bars, are reflected in rollouts such as Caveman Collagen Protein Bars and Grain Free Granola Bars, both from Caveman Foods. Made with nuts, egg white protein and grass-fed beef collagen, and with no sugar alcohols or artificial ingredients, Caveman Collagen bars have 11 grams of protein, plus 5 grams of grass-fed beef collagen and 5 to 6 grams of fiber per bar.

Photograph courtesy of Caveman Foods