All Natural Beef Jerky

tillamook jerky
Beef jerky
Variety features green packaging, all-natural qualities
All Natural Beef Jerky is gluten-free and contains no MSG, nitrites or preservatives. The 3-ounce bag is available in three flavors: Old Fashioned, Smokey Teriyaki and Sea Salt & Pepper. The product is U.S.-manufactured with 100% American beef, and the “green” packaging is designed to attract health-conscious consumers and to differentiate the product from the rest of the portfolio, according to the company. 
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Tillamook Country Smoker

Tillamook Country Smoker, Inc., A family built/owned business since 1975.  For the love of family, our community and the good life, we’re dedicated to making America’s best smoked meat snacks. Tillamook Country Smoker strives to be the go-to choice for smoked meat snacks in every household.  We’re here to reward and fuel our customers with quality crafted smoked meat snacks. It takes courage to be an original, and it takes courage to lead the pack.  We set the standard and continue to raise the bar by living our dream to craft America’s best Smoked Meat Snacks. We take pride in being honest, hardworking members of our community.  We stand up for what we believe and take satisfaction in a job done right.  Our commitment to craft is our family tradition.  No corners cut, no compromises.

We built this company from scratch and we’re proud of it.  Every generation and every member of our staff carries the legacy forward.

P.O. Box 3120

Bay City, Tillamook County, Oregon 97107

Tillamook Country Smoker
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