Bobi Bee Healthy energy snack

bobi bee energy snack
Healthy energy snack
Honey-based product boosts energy levels

Bobi Bee is caffeine- and gluten-free, and made with pure, raw certified organic kosher Manuka honey. Unlike some energy products, the more treats you eat, the better the benefits. Naturally sweet, the brand delivers beneficial healthy ingredients to power up the body’s energy levels. Manuka honey, meanwhile, is known to deliver up to 15 times the energy and other health benefits of regular honey, the maker states. Merchandising options include a 48-unit counter POP with 6-pack units, a 12-unit strip of 6-pack units, and a 6-box shelf-ready unit with 12-count boxes. Retail prices range from $3.99 to $39.95 depending on package size. A Michigan-based company, Bobi Bee Sweet Treat launched in Spartan Stores, where it's found at the checkout, and Meijer, where it's merchandised in the center of the store.

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