Inventure Foods Vidalia Kettle Potato Chips

vidalia sweet onions
Premium potato chips
Variety features sweet flavor of real Vidalia onions.
Seasoned with the flavor of real Vidalia sweet onions, Vidalia Kettle Potato Chips are available in Sweet Onion and Sweet Onion Barbecue flavors. Offered in 4.5-ounce bags with an SRP of $2.39 to $2.49 per package, Vidalia Kettle Potato Chips offer a moderately salted flavor profile and a crunchy bite. Seasoned with a spice made from real Vidalia Sweet Onions and made from premium American-grown potatoes cooked in safflower and sunflower oils, the chips are gluten-free with zero trans fats. In addition, they are naturally 30% lower in saturated fat than traditional potato chips at 150 calories per serving.
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