Oscar Mayer P3 Portable Protein Packs

oscar mayer protein snacks
On-the-go snacks
Snacks packed with meats, cheeses, nuts in 2- and 6-oz. packages
Oscar Mayer P3 Portable Protein Packs feature Oscar Mayer Selects Meats, Kraft Natural Cheeses and Planters Nuts with no artificial preservatives, at least 13 grams of protein and little or no sugar. Of the four varieties, one includes applewood smoked turkey, marbled colby & monterey jack cheese and dry roasted almonds, while another features rotisserie seasoned chicken, reduced fat cheddar cheese and dry roasted peanuts. A single 2-ounce pack carries an SRP of $1.79, with a triple 6-ounce pack at $4.99.
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