Lustra Professional Car Care Products Ultraflex System

lustra ultraflex system
Ultraflex System
The Future of Car Washing

Our years of innovative research and development have resulted in hallmark products like LustraShield®Total Surface Gloss, The Answer®and BugGoo®. Now, Lustra’s revolutionary Ultraflex®System is leading the way to the future of car washing. This unique system of ultra-concentrated products and delivery is compact and easy to use with the quality and standards Lustra is known for. It puts the operator in control, saving time, space, money, and providing flexibility, performance and “green” products that consumers desire.

Chemicals are now provided in recyclable gallon containers and bags, which makes handling and adding product to the system quick and easy. By eliminating the need for drums, it frees space in the equipment room. The flexibility allows you to control the amount of product being used for your specific cleaning needs to save you money. The refillable reservoirs means there is no longer any wasted chemical.

All products are Earth Ready®and free from HF, NPR, ABF, and Phosphates, making them safe for you, your employees and the environment. All packaging is easily recycled.

We also offer marketing signage, materials and promotional programs to increase your wash revenues, sell higher value products, drive traffic and build customer loyalty.

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