Parking Stripe

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Parking Stripe
Colorado advertising company Teams up with local tobacco Retailer for innovative ‘parking stripe’ advertising campaign

ParkMarx Parking Stripe Advertising and Smoker Friendly International of Denver are collaborating for a unique campaign that will demonstrate the effectiveness of ‘parking stripe’ advertising and offer tobacco consumers a chance to earn discounts on store products to increase product name for SF E Cigarette and the Rocky Mountain Cigar Festival in Boulder, CO. 

ParkMarx creates ads that are placed on parking stripes and then laid down in the parking lots of high-traffic areas such as shopping malls, sports arenas, or grocery stores.   When shoppers get out of their cars, they instantly see a bright graphic right next to their vehicle or on the ground as they walk into the building.

These parking stripe ads are 18 feet long and 5 inches wide and made of durable vinyl with high impact laminate.  They are easily installed and removed without any heavy machinery or tools. The ink used on the stripes has been made to endure the outdoors and uphold against any weather conditions, making the stripe durable for up to five years and environmentally safe.

Potential advertisers can visit the ParkMarx Facebook fanpage to create their own, unique stripe using the

ParkMarx Stripe creator.  Advertisers can simply insert their own logo, text and add a QR code. (a scanable

Barcode that can be used to deliver content, drive web traffic and measure the effectiveness of marketing campaigns). 

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