Passbox Turbo Charges Retailer Loyalty

Loyalty Services
Announces $5MM Series A Funding To Fuel Expansion

Passbox announced today that it has begun market testing its digital marketing platform aimed at turbo charging the loyalty program of a major convenience store retailer.  The effort results from an ongoing collaboration with the retailer to innovate the customer’s in-store experience and inspire more frequent store visits.

“Passbox is transforming how customers think about brand loyalty.  Many convenience store customers see the category as a commodity and therefore do not demonstrate strong brand loyalty,” said Mark Strauch, CEO of Passbox.   “We believe it is possible in this category to have millions of customers specifically seeking out your brand.  By building a fun, engaging game-like experience in the store that connects to your mobile phone and your social communities, you can inspire unprecedented levels of brand loyalty, driving incremental visits and sales growth.” 

Passbox was founded in January 2011 and recently secured $5M in Series A funding from Alpine Investors, a leading private equity firm based in San Francisco, CA.  The funding is now being directed towards adding more stores in the Passbox loyalty network that will reach tens of millions of retail customers.  The funding also drives the continued evolution of the Passbox loyalty game, giving customers easy access to personalized rewards and offers while benefitting the retailer with dramatically increased store visits and revenue.  Customers earn fuel discounts, attain preferred status, and gain access to personalized offers directly applied to both their store rewards card and their Passbox account on their mobile phone. Customers enter their mobile phone number on an interactive Passbox tablet located at the checkout counter, and begin to see their rewards pile up with every visit.

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