Washworld Revv

Washworld Revv
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Revv keeps the cost down but still maintains the highest standards of quality.

The results are clear, Revv® brings an even quicker return on your investment! Revv, the next step in the Razor® revolution, has all of the best of what makes the Razor unique but at a lower price point. Revv keeps the cost down but still maintains the highest standards of quality. For longevity, stainless steel is still an important part of Revv and includes stainless steel travel rails, wall mounts, spray arch and more. And Revv is loaded with features like belt drive technology, Energy Chain, Washworld’s Virtual Attendant® and VS 2® -Vehicle Sizing System. With a wide range of options available, Revv is the complete package and the fastest way to Revv up your bottom line!

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Washworld Inc

Washworld, Inc. manufactures the Razor® and Revv, touch-free wash systems, and Profile® soft cloth system. All Washworld systems use stainless steel components for longevity and are manufactured in our United States plant in DePere, Wisconsin and sold through a global distributor network.  Washworld is proud of our most advanced technological innovations which focus on quality materials and ease of use, however our most important goal is to insure our customers' success and profitability.


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