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Loyalty system
Simple, yet powerful loyalty system built for convenience stores

Passbox is a simple, yet powerful loyalty system built for convenience stores.  Now, after months of testing, Passbox has proven the ability to increase visits and revenue.  Passbox has also delivered on store manager’s expectations to fit smoothly into their operations without disruption or complex systems integration.

With the aim of turbo-charging a major petroleum retailer’s existing rewards program, Passbox tested its hybrid in-store and mobile loyalty offering by measuring before and after customer behavior across 39 stores in the Northeast U.S.  After four months, the results were striking.  On average, customers spent 27% more after signing up for Passbox and they visited the store over 2 times more per month.  In addition, 4 out of 5 customers wanted to receive in-store offers specifically targeted to them.

And, it wasn’t just customers that loved the program.  Store manager and clerks unanimously agreed that Passbox was “good for the retailer and its customers,” and all agreed that the “system worked well and was reliable.”  

“We set out to prove that customers will visit and spend more once they know that loyalty pays,” said Mark Strauch, Passbox CEO.  “The key is making it fun and easy like a game by leveraging mobile and social technologies that engage the consumer in new and compelling ways.  And importantly, the results show that loyalty pays for the retailer too.”

So what’s next?  “We’re working on expanding to other high traffic retailers and evolving the Passbox program to further enhance consumer and retailer value,” said Mark.  “We’re focused on further gamification with leaderboards, levels, social challenges and an upgraded mobile app.  We’ve developed integration partnerships on the back end to enable frictionless offer redemption. And as the network grows, we’re able to bring new revenue streams to the retailer by enabling third party marketers to reach these in-store customers with targeted offers and promotions.” 

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