S2k Realtime Center

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Instantaneous view into store activity
Series2k is pleased to announce the release of the S2k Realtime Center, a real time reporting module to complement our Series2K Back Office Management System. The S2k Realtime Center is a web based application that allows a convenience store operator or owner to instantaneously see what is going on in their store. The S2k Realtime Center pulls information from the point of sale system every 30 seconds and can be viewed through your Google Chrome or Safari browser. That means that iPad, iPhone and Droid users can have all this information at their fingertips throughout the day.

Information available with the S2k Realtime Center includes SKU sales, fuel sales by grade, and voids/returns by cashier in the Realtime Sales view. The "Realtime Dashboard" presents a graphical view of sales, while the "Hourly Sales" view provides a powerful sales reporting tool that can compare like times together to help the operator assess staffing needs and cashier performance. Finally, the "Realtime Summary" offers a quick snapshot of the daily activity by store for fuel and inside sales and cashier performance/activity.

An exciting enhancement in the works now is the integration of a web based camera system allowing the linkage of camera images with the POS transactions. This will allow the user to click on a transaction such as a void or cancel and see the actual camera feed showing the cashier actually performing the activity, so you will be able to see for yourself if it was justifiable or not.
Now, there is no need to wait until tomorrow to know what is going on in the store. The S2k Realtime Center is ideal for the owner who cannot be in the store all day and for multi-site operators who wish to keep their fingers on the pulse of their business. The S2k Reatime Center will be available as either a stand-alone application or may be used in conjunction with the Series2K Back Office Management System for a very reasonable fee.
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