The 2018 Hot 100

The most clicked c-store products of the year
Photograph by Jason Little

The tobacco category drew interest, intrigue—and clicks on

While cigarettes remain the largest in-store category for convenience stores, with 28.6% share of inside sales, according to the NACS State of the Industry Report of 2017 data, the tobacco category as a whole is seeing a boost from other tobacco products (OTP) such as e-cigarettes and cigars.

This is evident when looking at this year’s Hot 100, the most clicked products on from Oct. 1, 2017, to Oct. 1, 2018. The No. 1 most clicked product was Marlboro Ice, a new cigarette that launched earlier this year. However, of the tobacco items on the list, which make up 45% of the Hot 100, the vast majority fall under the OTP subcategory.

But c-stores aren’t just about smokes. Other core categories also were well-represented on the Hot 100. Healthier varieties and mouthwatering flavors helped entice clicks in packaged snacks, packaged beverages and foodservice.

The list was generated by tracking the most-clicked products on from Oct. 1, 2017, to Oct. 1, 2018. You'll have to wait until Thursday to see the No. 1 most-clicked product. Explore the Convenience Store Products Hot 100 most-clicked products of 2018, beginning with 100-76. Click through to see this first of four slideshows as we begin to unveil the whole list.

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