Cheyenne Sweet Mint Cigar

cheyenne sweet mint cigars
Offering balances a fresh mint taste with a touch of sweetness.

Created from a blend of high-quality cigar tobacco, Cheyenne Sweet Mint Cigar balances a fresh mint taste with a touch of sweetness for a satisfying smoking experience, the company says. The new offering is available in 20-cigar hard packs and will begin shipping in second-quarter 2018.

Company details
Cheyenne International

Cheyenne has been in business for over a decade and while we’ve experienced significant growth, we haven’t changed the foundations on which the company was created. Our commitment to quality, compliance and partnerships helps us provide our partners with expert industry knowledge and quality products at a fair price. We create profitable solutions in all tobacco categories with a diverse portfolio including cigarettes, filtered cigars, smokeless, snus, cigarillos, premium cigars, RYO cigarette tobacco, pipe tobacco and vapor. Cheyenne International: Providing a Constant Vision of Success.

701 S. Battleground Ave

Grover, NC 28073

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