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Freedom Smokeless is a US based manufacturer of US Made premium brand electronic cigarettes. Established in 2008, Freedom has been making and distributing its electronic cigarette starter kits, cartridge refills and accessories to thousands of retailers including a private brand they produce for Smoker Friendly International, the largest tobacco retailer in the country. With their 100,000 s.f. fulfillment center, they have the flexibility to ship in bulk to distributors or direct ship to individual stores.

Recently, Freedom introduced its Elite series rechargeable starter kits with new attractive packaging that is the size of a pack of cigarettes. This product was designed specifically for the convenience store industry with a suggested retail price of only $24.99; carries a full 6 month factory warranty and is available in tobacco and menthol flavors. Refill cartridge packs, the recurring revenue stream for the retailer, is priced at $9.99 per pack and is equal to approximately 4 packs of traditional tobacco cigarettes. Freedom also provides Health and Safety Code compliant high quality acrylic locking display cabinets (which are designed with a small footprint for counter placement), overhead signs and window posters as promotional collateral for each new store installation. Freedom also offers the option to private brand their Elite kits and cartridges for larger retail chains, which drives customers back to their specific stores for cartridge purchases.

In addition to its electronic cigarette products being tested, quality controlled and assembled in the USA, Freedom’s vapor solution is made in a US based FDA registered facility which conducts individual quality control on each batch of solution, with batch number, date of manufacture and expiration date printed on each cartridge pack. Freedom carries product liability insurance from a US based carrier that is specific to nicotine and tobacco products, something that is critically important to any retailer selling electronic cigarettes or tobacco products.
Freedom is now rolling out its “Made in the USA” line of electronic cigarettes and cartridge products in convenience stores across the US. “Based upon our retailer’s feedback, consumers are more likely to buy a US made electronic smoking product over brands made in China” states Glenn Kassel, President of Freedom Smokeless."Our retailers have seen significant sales increases when our Freedom premium brand Elite line replaces a Chinese made product. We pride ourselves in premium quality US made products and exceptional customer service, a combination that has put Freedom at the forefront of the e-cigarette market and we proudly invite comparisons with other brands,” says Glenn.
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