Good Times Cigarillos and Other Tobacco Products

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New Featured Products

Good Times Cigarillos which come in three different packages. They include 60-count and 5-pk (100 count). The 60-count flavors include Sweet and Grape. The 30-count flavors include Wine, White Grape, Peach, Silver, and Strawberry.

Next we will be featuring our Happy Times Superillos which come 2-Per Pack (15 packs per box) in the following flavors: Sweet, Mango-licious, Passion, and Grape.

Along with that we have our Good Times Flat Wraps which are sold 2-Per Pack – (25 packs per box) in the following flavors: Sour Apple, Grape, White Grape, Watermelon, Natural, Blueberry, Passion, Cherry, Mango-licious, Peach, and Strawberry Kiwi.

Our Good Times Leaf Wraps which come 2-Per pack (25 packs per box) in the following flavors: Natural, Grape, Sweet, Strawberry, and Passion will also be presented. We expect these products will be a popular item at this year’s show.

Next we have our Good Times Stonewood Cigars in a 25-count box which feature the following flavors: Honey, Honey Berry, Original Mild, and Sweet.

For an inexpensive alternative to cigarettes we will offer our Remington Filter Cigar lines which are packaged in a 20 Count Hard Box in the following flavors: Cherry, Menthol, Lights, Full Flavor, Grape, Peach, Rum, Strawberry, Chocolate, and Vanilla.

Our Good Days Pipe Tobacco, one of our original products, comes in a 6 oz. and a 12oz. Bag in Full Red Blend, Full Green Blend, and Light Blue Blend.

Don’t let the name fool you if you are looking for an inexpensive enjoyable cigar try our Good Days Factory Reject Cigars in a 50 Count Box with favorite sizes for all types of cigar smokers such as Churchill (49 ring x 6.5) Natural and Maduro, Toro (49 ring x 6) Natural and Maduro, Lonsdale (43 ring x 6.5), Petite Corona (42 ring x 5), Robusto (47 ring x 5), and Perfecto (42 ring x 5.5).

Our Final Product is our brand new line of natural leaf Cigarillos called Double Maestros which come in a 30 Count box and in 2 flavors: Green & Vanilla. As with all Good Times products they promise to be a real money maker’s for retails because we will be offering rock bottom prices to introduce all of our products to AWMA retailers.

For 2011 Good Times USA will be featuring a brand new colorful shelf display which will come prepackaged with 8-30 count cigarillos and 2-60 count cigarillos for a total of 360 individual cigarillos utilizing minimal shelf space in any size retail outlet.

Show Deals
We will announce during the show, you won’t believe your eyes!!!!

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