New Entrants Liven Up Tobacco Options for 2019

nacs new exhibitor entrance

Several fresh faces joined the New Exhibitor section of this year's NACS Show, infusing a new energy into the tobacco category.  

Among these products were accessories, rolling papers and a couple of new nicotine-delivery methods that included tablets and toothpicks.

Here’s a roundup of six tobacco-related products from the New Exhibitor area …

1. Torch lighters

militti sales lighters

Lighters from Militti Sales & Promotions, Omaha, Neb., range from the “giant torch,” resembling a blow torch, to miniature, long-tipped fire starters.

2. Nicotine tablets

nicogen nicotine mints

Miami-based NicoGen Pharma Solutions has developed Rogue, a 100% tobacco-leaf-free nicotine product for occasions when users can’t smoke, vape or chew. The product comes in tablets, gum, lozenges or pouches in a variety of flavors and strengths, the company said.

3. Natural-leaf products

ooze king palm rolling paper

King Palm-branded all-natural-leaf, fill-your-own products, such as rolling papers and blunts from Oak Park, Mich.-based Ooze Wholesale come in 24-pouch slim-roll displays or 50-count king displays.

4. Lighters and accessories

jays lighters

Franklin Park, Ill.-based Jay’s Import & Export offered a wide range of lighters and tobacco accessories.

5. Nicotine toothpicks

pixotine nicotine toothpicks

Nicotine toothpicks from Jupiter, Fla.-based Pixotine Products Inc., come in cartons of 15 single packs. Each pack contains about 15 toothpicks.

6. Vaping accessories

ooze vaping accessories

Ooze Wholesale also offers a wide range of vaping and smoking devices and accessories.