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swedish match night owl cigars
Pipe tobacco cigars
Line comes in Classic, Wine, Tropical and Black Cherry flavors.

Night Owl tipped pipe tobacco cigars are crafted with the finest tobacco, the company says. They come packaged in a resealable FoilFresh pouch to guarantee freshness. Four flavors are available: Classic, Wine, Tropical and Black Cherry. Night Owl is available in a variety of formats, including two for 99 cents, save on two, four-packs and limited-edition pairings with White Owl Spiked Lemonade and Game Blue Raspberry cigars.

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Swedish Match North America

Swedish Match develops, manufactures and sells market-leading brands in the product areas Snus and moist snuff, other tobacco products (U.S. mass market cigars and chewing tobacco) and Lights. Some of our well-known brands in the U.S. include Red Man, Timber Wolf, Longhorn, General, Garcia y Vega, Game, and White Owl.  For more information visit the or

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