Smokeless Tobacco: Men Are From Mars

smokeless tobacco

Smokeless-tobacco use among females has always been low. Among males, use decreased from 1986 to 2000 but has increased since then, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

In 2012, 7.1% of all adult males in the United States used smokeless tobacco. That’s a lot of dudes. It makes sense that marketers of these products are targeting these guys, either through packaging (Man Can) or flavors (licorice, wintergreen or fruit).

Here are four manly new products in the category ...


Oliver Twist chewing tobacco

Scandinavian Tobacco Group

Scandinavian Tobacco Group Lane is now the exclusive U.S. distributor of the Oliver Twist brand. Oliver Twist Chewing Tobacco Bits are small, discreet mini-rolls of tobacco. All varieties are flavored with licorice or fruit tastes and come in Original, Tropical, Sunberry and Wintergreen.


Longhorn moist snuff

Swedish Match North America

This product and its packaging represent a new visual identity for Longhorn Moist Snuff. The new branding includes gold and silver lids designed to differentiate the loose snuff and pouch products. The cans feature a Stow & Throw lid compartment that allows consumers to store their used pouches to discard later. The redesign continues to feature the iconic bull but with a modernized logotype, and specialty varnishes and metallic inks.


Swisher Intl. Inc.

The newly designed packaging contains 12 regular-sized cans of moist snuff tobacco and fits in a cup holder, so customers can take it in the car, truck or boat. The Man Can includes a refillable 1.2-ounce can, the equivalent of 12 cans for the price of 11. It is available in Long-Cut Wintergreen, Long-Cut Straight and Fine-Cut Natural blends. Eight Kayak Man Cans come in each case.


Derringer 6-hooter tub

CN Smokeless Co. LLC

The manufacturer is beefing up the moist-smokeless-tobacco segment with Derringer Premium Moist Tobacco 6-Shooter Tub. Available in Long Cut Wintergreen, the variety eliminates the time-consuming task of filling cans with loose moist tobacco. Offering adult consumers six prepacked cans of fresh smokeless tobacco in a single tub, the Derringer 6-Shooter Tub delivers the value of buying in bulk within the ease of a single can, according to the manufacturer.