Swisher Sweets BLK Pipe Tobacco Tip Cigarillos

swisher blk
Available in two flavors
Longtime tobacco-industry innovator Swisher International has introduced its first pipe-tobacco tip cigars under the Swisher Sweets brand. Based on research that revealed strong consumer preferences for the rich, aromatic appeal of pipe tobaccos, Swisher developed, and has released its new Swisher Sweets BLK Pipe Tobacco Tip Cigarillo cigars.

Swisher Sweet BLK cigars are available in two flavors that have been proven to be a success in Swisher's other products, Smooth and Cherry. Swisher's product strategy also included value pricing; and sales during the initial release have been very strong. The combination of appealing pipe-tobacco flavor and affordable prices helps give BLK a unique position in the market. To help introduce the product, Swisher has undertaken special promotions for retailers, with discounts on box 60s as well as special 30-count Impulse Units.

It's well known that cigar smokers are very receptive to the pipe-tobacco flavor and aroma, and Swisher is committed to meeting the preferences of consumers. Swisher Sweets BLK Pipe Tobacco Tip Cigarillos are designed to offer today's customers all the quality and flavor that has made Swisher Sweets the best-selling cigarillos in the popular tobacco category.

For complete information about the new Swisher Sweets BLK Pipe Tobacco Cigars, contact your Swisher representative or call 800-874-9720

The largest cigar manufacturer in the United States, Swisher International has a history dating to 1861. The company ships over a billion cigars a year to more than sixty countries.
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