V2 Cigs EX Cartridges

V2 cigs ex cartridges
Custom window monitors e-liquid levels, features LED charge indicator
EX Cartridges expands the manufacturer’s EX Series line, which also consists of EX Battery and EX Blank. Each EX Cartridge features a custom window on the side to check e-liquid levels and determine when a replacement is needed. EX Cartridges are hermetically sealed to be pocket-friendly and leak-proof. The product features an LED charge indicator to show the remaining battery charge at all times. With no diminished flavor or vapor, EX Cartridge offers five colors, including Carbon Fiber, Scarlet Metallic, Brushed Steel, Bloom and Royale. The EX Blank is a powerful clearomizer that fits both V2 Classic and EX Batteries, and is refillable up to 20 times. A five-pack of EX Cartridges are available at an SRP of $14.95. A single rechargeable EX Battery is available for $29.95, while a three-pack of EX Blanks are available for $14.95.
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