Vaping Products: The Juice Is Loose

Vaping man

E-juice brings as much customization to the vaping category as mixable flavors on the soda fountain, or toppings on a pizza. It makes sense that operators should work to give their customers the same amount of choice when it comes to what they vape. But there’s so much to choose from. So we’ve picked out four product options that help with issues from footprint limitations to supplier support.


Motley Brew Remixed

International Vapor Group

Motley Brew’s new line of e-liquids is branded Remixed and features three flavors that pair genres of music with vape juices. Packaged in 30-mL childproof bottles, the flavors include Crumb DMC (notes of green apple, cinnamon and crumble cake), The Drop (key lime, blueberry and vanilla flavors) and Bubble Pop (a ripe strawberry and kiwi combination).


Blu Glacier Mint Plus+ Tanks

Fontem Ventures

Capitalizing on the success of blu Plus+ Tanks and the growing demand for mint flavors, blu is launching Glacier Mint Plus+ Tanks. To create the new flavor formulation, blu added cool undertones of peppermint and spearmint to the mix. The product is made in the United States with nicotine strength of 1.2% or 2.4%. It is available for an SRP of


Vapor Station

Spark Vapor Brands

Spark Vapor is launching the Vapor Station, a complete ­‑-piece countertop “vape shop.” An easy-to-stock single-brand solution, the Vapor Station contains six Solstice sub-ohm kits, three Solstice adjustable air-flow Pyrex replacement tanks, five Solstice two-pack atomizer replacements and 36 15­-mL bottles of Vapage premium e-liquid. It’s blended for today’s sub-ohm vaping systems.


Vaporfi Very Berry

Vaporfi Inc.

Vaporfi is rolling out Very Berry Slushie, a new e-liquid flavor that blends the tart piquancy of berry with the sweet, hydrating tang of watermelon. Flavor notes include strawberries, blueberries and raspberries. Very Berry Slushie offers max VG, enabling smooth viscosity and delivering maximum flavor, and uses top-rated glycerin and nicotine and USP-grade kosher ingredients.