White Owl Mini Cigarillos

swedish match white owl minis
Mini variety comes in White Grape, Blue Raspberry, Sweets and Silver flavors.

Not as long and thinner than regular-size White Owl cigarillos, White Owl Mini Cigarillos are packaged in a resealable pouch with three mini cigarillos per pack. Four flavors are available: Sweets, Silver, White Grape and Blue Raspberry. The company says White Grape and Blue Raspberry are two new flavors for the category. White Owl Mini Cigarillos can be priced at three for $1.29 or save on three. A limited-time “3 for $1.29 Multi-Flavor 25% Off” display contains all flavors at a high value price point until May 31.

Company details
Swedish Match North America

Swedish Match develops, manufactures and sells market-leading brands in the product areas Snus and moist snuff, other tobacco products (U.S. mass market cigars and chewing tobacco) and Lights. Some of our well-known brands in the U.S. include Red Man, Timber Wolf, Longhorn, General, Garcia y Vega, Game, and White Owl.  For more information visit the www.whiteowlcigar.com or www.swedishmatch.com.


Swedish Match
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