Impact Confections Inc. WARHEADS Sour Dippers

warheads sour dippers
WARHEADS adds Sour Twists and Sour Dippers to its leading portfolio of sour candies

WARHEADS has launched two new items to expand its leading portfolio of sour candies.  WARHEADS Sour Twists is a three-color, three-flavor extruded chewy candy that is twisted together for the ultimate treat.  This innovative product can be eaten as one, or can be untwisted to savor each flavor individually.  With a fruity center and just-right sour sanding, this product will appeal to all taste buds.  Each product comes in a 2oz tray of twists in green apple, lemon, and watermelon flavors.  Extensive consumer research was conducted and WARHEADS Sour Twists came out on top for flavor, format, and purchase intent against leading extruded chewy brands. 

WARHEADS has also introduced WARHEADS Sour Dippers, a sweet lollipop and sour powder dip-and-lick candy that is high on interactivity and extreme on flavor.  This product delivers on the sweet/sour combination loved by kids and the paint-your-mouth feature adds to the interactivity of the candy.  Three flavor combinations are available for this 1.5oz product – watermelon, blue raspberry, and cherry.  This great new product scored high with consumers on fun, flavor, interactivity, and uniqueness – all key attributes for success of kid’s candies.

“These two new offerings add to a product portfolio that is industry leading in its variety of sour levels and candy formats”, states Andy Telatnik, Director of Marketing.  “Retailers look at WARHEADS as a leader in innovation and the sour brand of choice.  These new, innovative products expand the brand portfolio to include offerings that range from sour to extreme sour, and in a multitude of textures and formats.  We expect these products to have great response with our retailers and consumers in these large and growing categories.”

WARHEADS will be supporting these new product launches online through sponsorships with Cartoon Network® and Nickelodeon®, as well as engagement with the WARHEADS Facebook community of over 1.3 million fans.  Sampling events throughout the year are also planned. 

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