The 2017 Hot 100

The most clicked c-store products of 2017
Lighting a match


That’s how many products in this year’s Hot 100 belong to the tobacco, vape and tobacco accessory category.

Across all the in-store categories, major launches from the first half of this year are well represented. But as retailers and consumers alike search through the product database, nearly one-third of them are looking for tobacco products.

It’s surprising, given the stifling effects of deeming to tobacco innovation. There simply aren’t as many new products compared with other areas of the store. Despite this, innovation in flavors across subcategories, from little cigars to smokeless tobacco, are driving interest in this crucial c-store category.

Flip through and explore the list as a whole, generated by tracking the most clicked products on from Dec. 14, 2016, to June 20, 2017. And don’t be shy: Go ahead and flip to the end of this story. The No. 1 most clicked product is at once surprising and completely expected.

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