August 2019 New Product Roundup


Every month, Convenience Store Products offers a rundown of what’s new in snacks, candies, beverages and general merchandise that recently hit retailers. In the past month, items released include a new line of mini muffins, hemp teas, single-serve lunch meat packs and more.

Here’s what’s new in August.

1. Tastykake’s Muffin Juniors

tastykake muffins

Tastykake has added Muffin Juniors to its line of treats. The mini muffins come in blueberry and chocolate chip varieties and are available in single-serve packages nationwide for an SRP of $1.79.

2. Ceria Brewing’s nonalcohol beer

ceria beer

Ceria Brewing Co. will launch a nonalcohol Belgian-style white ale by the end of the summer. The drink will first be available in Colorado before expanding to California, and then nationwide. The drink will be sold in 12-ounce aluminum cans. In December 2018, the company released a THC-infused Grainwave Belgian White Ale.

3. O, That’s Good Frozen Skillet meals


Kraft Heinz and Oprah Winfrey have released O, That’s Good Frozen Skillet meals. The products are available for an SRP of $6.99 nationwide in six varieties: Chicken Alfredo, Chicken Margherita, Southwest Style Chicken & Penne, Italian Sausage & Rigatoni, Garlic Chicken & Potatoes and vegetarian-friendly Three Cheese Tortellini. The meals have no preservatives, dyes or artificial flavors and are made with ingredients including antibiotic-free chicken and natural sausage. O, That’s Good is also extending its frozen-pizza line to include three new frozen thin-crust pizzas (SRP $6.99) that contain cauliflower in the crust. Those flavors are BBQ Chicken, Margherita and White.

4. Zombie Skittles

zombie skittles

Zombie Skittles will include five fruity flavors—and one rotten one. Each pack will contain a mix of Petrifying Citrus Punch, Mummified Melon, Boogeyman Blackberry, Chilling Black Cherry and Blood Red Berry. Hidden beneath the candy shell of select pieces, however, will be a rotten zombie flavor that Skittles calls “an utterly disgusting taste experience.” Zombie Skittles will be available at major U.S. retailers in share size (SRP $1.89), lay-down bag (SRP $2.49) and fun-size bag (SRP $2.99).

5. Mikey’s frozen Breakfast Pockets

mikeys breakfast

Mikey’s has launched its new frozen Breakfast Pockets. The products come in egg and cheese and egg, cheese and ham. The handheld breakfast is free of gluten, grains, soy and dairy and is sold for an SRP of $5.99.

6. Chiques Creek Hemp Tea

hemp tea

Kreider Farms has released Chiques Creek Hemp Tea, a line of hemp iced-tea drinks. The teas are made from a blend of hempseed oil and natural flavors and contain no artificial sweeteners. The drink is sold in 12-ounce bottles, and a 24-pack sells for $79 online.

7. Nissin Foods’ Cup Noodles Stir Fry

nissin cup noodles

Nissin Foods is adding a new addition to its Cup Noodles brand in the United States. Cup Noodles Stir Fry, which—unlike other Cup Noodles products—is not a soup, comes in a microwavable cup and is ready to eat in four minutes. The meal comes in Korean BBQ, Teriyaki Beef and vegetarian-friendly Sweet Chili. The products can be found in Walmart stores in September and additional retailers in December.

8. Joia Spirit low-sugar premium sparkling cocktails

joia spirit low sugar cocktails

Joia Spirit is launching a new low-sugar line of ready-to-drink premium sparkling cocktails. The low-sugar varieties include sparkling margarita, sparkling vodka soda and sparkling gimlet. The drinks contain 1 to 9 grams of carbs and zero to 6 grams of sugar each. The 12-ounce slim cans are sold in four-packs for an SRP of $12.99.

9. Hormel Foods single-serve lunch meat

hormel lunch meat

Hormel Foods has expanded its deli meat selection to include single-serve lunch meat options. The pouches include five slices of Hormel’s deli meat and come in four varieties: oven roasted turkey, applewood smoked turkey, honey ham and cherrywood smoked ham. Each 2-ounce resealable package (SRP $1.29-$1.49) has 9 to 10 grams of protein.

10. Jimmy Dean Pancakes and Sausage Bites

jimmy dean

Tyson Foodservice has released new Jimmy Dean Pancakes and Sausage Bites at convenience stores. The bites contain sausage surrounded by a fluffy pancake and are fully cooked and easy to prepare in conventional ovens, microwaves, TurboChef and convection ovens, according to the company.