10 Great CPG Twitter Promos


It certainly goes without saying at this point that Twitter, Facebook and other social-media platforms are obvious vehicles for marketing and promotion. And certain brands on your shelves have honed their social-media skills to the point that their campaigns have won awards, and certainly followers. And much of that marketing work is to your benefit.

We've spent some time in the Twitter wormhole to bring you 10 notable and effective brands that are making their presence known through humor, dedication to social causes and clever promotional campaigns. Click through to see what we found.


Skittles Twitter

Skittles devoted a lot of time, energy and budget to its social-media efforts early on. From its sophisticated and fun website, to its use of humor and cuteness on its Twitter and Facebook feeds, Skittles has a formidable social-media presence. 

Coca-Cola Co.

Coca-Cola Twitter

Always timely and clever for every season, the Coca-Cola Co. Twitter feed is full of sweet, short videos to commemorate any celebration.


DiGiorno Twitter

Always decorated with a smart use of emojis, the DiGiorno Twitter feed has garnered a lot of news as well as marketing awards. Often updated in real time depending on a sporting or TV event, DiGiorno's feed is never stale.


Charmin Twitter

I dare you scroll through and not laugh. Whoever is at the helm of the Charmin Twitter feed is probably great at dinner parties.


M&M's Twitter

Whether there's a new product to promote or a fun seasonal game, the M&M's Twitter is full of its legacy marketing materials (think M&M's characters), as well as limited-time-offer (LTO) promotional items.


Reese's Twitter

Reese's unveiled its big new product, the Reese's Pieces Peanut Butter Cups, on Twitter earlier this year. The announcement was teased with clever illustrative videos and was picked up on news sites from BuzzFeed to The Huffington Post.


Doritos Twitter

Doritos has a lot of limited-time offers. What better way to unveil each one than on the brand's official Twitter feed.


Pepsi Twitter

Pepsi is a very philanthropic brand and it does a lot of promotions for the various charities it supports, utilizing social media to further its causes.

Red Bull

Red Bull Twitter

Red Bull's social-media masters are very good at knowing their brand and what makes their consumers pause. Red Bull's Twitter feed is full of dare devils, scenic photography and extreme sports.



And finally for a brand that truly understands the benefit of a viral ad. After the Chicago Cubs won the World Series, some marketing genius at Budweiser synched Harry Caray's voice to make the final call of the last World Series game. I've watched it many, many times, and I'm not even a true Chicago Cubs fan. Take a look at the viral Tweet here.