6 Candy Launches We’re Watching

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Nonchocolate candies in the convenience channel generated $2.17 billion in dollar sales during the 52-week period ending July 12, with dollar growth of 3.8% and units off 3%, according to data from Chicago-based IRI. Segment winners were novelty (7.1% growth) and chewy candy (up 5.7%). Meanwhile, chocolate candy registered sales of $2.95 billion (1.6% growth) while units fell 5.3%.

Click through for a look as six confection innovations that debuted this summer.

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Mars Confectionery has given Starburst All Pink a permanent place in its product lineup. The strawberry-only flavored candies originally launched as a limited-edition offer to coincide with International Self-Care Day on July 24. Starburst All Pink is available in 2-, 14-, 15.6- and 41-ounce packages.

Photograph courtesy of Starburst



Snickers in July unveiled a new confection that combines a Snickers bar with brownies. Snickers Peanut Brownie features two individual squares coated in the brand’s classic chocolate with a layer of caramel and chewy peanut-brownie filling. The innovation will hit store shelves in January 2021 in single 1.2-ounce bars, share-size 2.4-ounce bars and standup pouches of 6.61 ounces. Also coming in January: Snickers Peanut Brownie Ice Cream Bars.

Photograph courtesy of Snickers

Jelly Belly

Jelly Belly

Jelly Belly Candy Co. is playing in two new non-chocolate segments: licorice and gummies. Jelly Belly Scottie Dogs are bite-sized candies available in red licorice and black licorice flavors. They come in 2.75-ounce grab-and-go bags, as well as 10-pound bulk shipments. Jelly Belly gummies feature flavors in sweet and sour mixes. The vegan treats contain no animal gelatin, are non-GMO, and made with colors from natural sources. They come in five flavors, include berry blue, green apple, lemon, orange and very cherry. The mixes are packaged in 4- and 7-ounce bags.

Photograph courtesy of Jelly Belly



Hi-Chew from Morinaga America Inc. expanded its portfolio and has added an effervescent experience.with its Soda Pop Mix, including Ramune and Cola flavors. Ramune is a classic carbonated soft drink from Japan, and the Hi-Chew candy highlights the beverage’s tangy lemon-lime flavor. The other features the classic taste of cola. The Hi-Chew Soda Pop Mix is offered in a 2.82-ounce peg bag for an SRP of $2.59.

Photograph courtesy of Hi-Chew

Kinder Joy

Kinder Joy

Kinder Joy from Ferrero USA Inc. released a limited-edition Kinder Joy egg featuring Illumination’s Minions surprise toys. The seven Minions toys allow kids to assemble their favorite Minions characters, such as Kevin, Stuart and Bob, with a candy egg that offers creamy layers and chocolate-covered wafer bites filled with milk-cream and cocoa. Kinder Joy Illumination’s Minions surprise toys are available for an SRP of $1.79 each.

Photograph courtesy of Kinder Joy


Blues Clues

Candyrific’s Blue’s Clues & You! Character Fan spotlights Blue, the blue-spotted dog, featured atop the device, and provides a burst of fanned air when the button is pushed. Each comes complete with 0.53 ounces of assorted fruit flavored dextrose candies (natural flavors and colors). It’s part of Candyrific’s licensing partnership with Nickelodeon.

Photograph courtesy of Candyrific