6 Novelty Chocolate Products That Offer Sweet Opportunity

mm valentines

Grocery, drug, mass-merchandise and club stores often outhustle convenience retailers in the seasonal-confection selling game. But why? C-stores have proven proficient in everyday candy merchandising strategies. This acumen should translate to special holiday occasions as well, but the dots don’t always connect. With seasonal candy sales amounting to $493 million in the year leading up to Valentine's Day last year, according to Statista, it seems c-stores should be able to reap some of those incremental sales. Click through to see some recent rollouts in seasonal and limited-time chocolate that caught our attention. 

nestle butterfinger cup santa

Nestle USA unveiled limited-edition Butterfinger Peanut Butter Cups Snowman candies for the holidays and Original Spree and Everlasting Gobstopper Snowballs. Other limited-edition offers include Nestle Crunch Medallions and SweeTarts Merry Mix bags.

oreo candy canes

Oreo is delving into the candy-cane business just in time for Christmas. Its cookies-and-creme-flavored candy canes replace the distinctive red and white swirl of classic candy canes with a black and white swirl.

treat toy

Ferrero USA Inc. has launched Kinder Joy, a treat made especially for kids with parents in mind. Ideal for this coming holiday season, Kinder Joy is a plastic egg-shaped package composed of two separately sealed halves, with one half containing a treat made of two soft cream layers—one sweet milk-cream-flavored and one cocoa-flavored. The other half of the egg contains a surprise toy that can be assembled and shared. 

mms tin train

CandyRific continues to be prolific at the holidays, and this time it’s a variety of new holiday offers, including M&M’s Character Valentine Fans, M&M’s Embossed Heart Tins and Expressions Valentine Candy Fans. Expressions Valentine Fans are topped with a smiley face, cool shades face and a devilish fellow, each including 0.53 ounces of microbites candy. M&M’s Character Valentine Fans hold Valentine’s Day hearts or flowers while M&M’s Valentine Embossed Heart Tin is combined with a Mars Spinning Heart Tin. 

rm palmer easter

R.M. Palmer is introducing several new hollow bunnies and confections for Easter 2018, including Selfie Bunnies (SRP $6), Nibbles (SRP $5), Flopsy (SRP $8), Lil’ Flopsy (SRP $1), Caramel Big Bunny Bites (SRP $1 per four-pack) and Eggword’s Eggs, a 32-ounce laydown bag of assorted Smooth and Creamy eggs or stand-up gusset bags containing 94 letters (SRP $7 per bag).

mmm valendtines

M&M’s Triple Chocolate Candies Cupid’s Mix is one of the most purchased brands for Valentine’s Day, according to the company. Consumers can use this chocolate in baking, candy dishes and decorating festive treats. Available in 9.9-ounce bags, this holiday treat has an SRP of $3.99.