7 CBD Products Hitting the Market

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The dawn of cannabis in consumer packaged goods has arrived. Over the course of 2018, talk of regulated cannabidiol (CBD) products spread like wildfire across the retail industry. (CBD is a nonpsychoactive component derived from cannabis and hemp plants.) Beer and beverage companies such as Heineken USA, Constellation Brands and the Coca Cola Co. expressed interest in CBD-enhanced drinks, while others supported the arrival of CBD candies in c-stores.

To punctuate the growing interest, on Dec. 20, President Donald Trump signed the Agriculture Improvement Act of 2018, also known as the Farm Bill, which allows the industrial farming and state-regulated production of hemp, a type of nonpsychoactive cannabis. The action is expected to skyrocket the CBD market over the next few years, said Nik Modi, consumer analyst for RBC Capital Markets, New York, a global investment bank.

Here are seven new CBD products hitting the market …

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1. Instant CBD Strips

instant cbd strips

The Asian American Trade Associations Council (AATAC), Tampa, Fla., and Vertical, Los Angeles, a set of companies in the legal cannabis and hemp-based CBD industries, have launched Instant CBD Strips in select convenience stores nationwide.

Instant CBD Strips will arrive in stores in Florida, Texas and North Carolina before becoming available nationwide. They are taken orally and reach the bloodstream within minutes, providing high bioavailability, minimal wait time and precision dosing, while eliminating adverse side effects, according to the companies.

Photograph courtesy of the Asian American Trade Associations Council & Vertical

2. Hemptails


FIFCO USA, Buffalo, N.Y., formerly North American Breweries, is launching "hemp-style" flavored malt beverages, Hemptails, in February 2019. Hemptails is a ready-to-drink alcohol beverage intended for consumers looking to embrace the hemp movement in their drinking experience. Hemptails will be available nationwide in single-serve 23.5-ounce cans and four-packs of 16-ounce cans. Consumers can choose from three flavors: Hemp’d, Citrus Gold and Passionfruit Express.

With 8% alcohol by volume, Hemptails beverages are made with organic and sterilized hemp seeds, and they contain no psychoactive ingredients.

Photograph courtesy of FIFCO USA

3. CBD Lollipops

cbd lollipops

CBD product creator Platinum X CBD, Los Angeles, was the lone marijuana supplier at the 7-Eleven Franchise Owners Association of Chicagoland Holiday Trade Show in November 2018. The company offers CBD Lollipops in Lemon, Cherry, Blueberry, Grape, Root Beer, Green Apple and Orange flavors. Platinum X CBD also produces CBD Gummies, Rock Candy and Pixie Stick candies.

Photograph courtesy of Platinum X CBD

4. Flow Glow Water

flow glow water

Flow Alkaline Spring Water, a Canadian alkaline spring water brand, has launched its line of Flow Glow beverages in North America. These beverages are infused with CBD and contain botanical and antioxidant ingredients.

Like the rest of the company’s products, Flow Glow is sourced from a family-owned spring in Ontario, Canada. The water comes from a limestone aquifer where it collects healthful, essential minerals such as calcium, magnesium and potassium.

Photograph courtesy of Flow Alkaline Spring Water

5. A88 Infused Beverages

alkaline water cbd

The Alkaline Water Co. Inc., Scottsdale, Ariz., has launched its A88 Infused beverages, a line of water bottles that contain bioactive CBD molecules from hemp plants. The water comes in both regular and sparkling varieties and four flavors: grapefruit, peach mango, raspberry and lemon lime, all of which will be branded as Soothem and arrive in 500-mL bottles and contain 8.8 grams of hemp. A88 Infused beverages will arrive to stores in the first quarter of 2019, according to the company.

Photograph courtesy of the Alkaline Water Co. Inc.

6. CBD Coconut Bites

weller cbd coconut bites

Boulder, Colo.-based healthy snacking brand Weller has launched its first product line: CBD Coconut Bites, which are available in Dark Chocolate, Caramel and Original flavors. CBD Coconut Bites arrive in both single-serve (five bites) and multiserve (20 bites) packages. Each individual bite contains 5 milligrams of CBD from full-spectrum hemp plants. Weller’s CBD Coconut Bites are available at various retailers nationwide and online.

Photograph courtesy of Weller

Swissx Gold


Gstaad, Switzerland-based CBD product manufacturer Swissx Oil & Confectionery Inc. revealed the distribution of its products to the United States. The company will bring its Swissx Gold CBD products to more than 500 convenience stores and gas stations across Southern California.

The Swissx Gold Line includes 1,000-mL, five-dose oral dispensers, which are available for $19.95. Its ingredients include Swissx CBD, bee pollen, vitamin E, Ormus gold and coconut oil. More products, including Swissx’s CBD infused chocolates, are planned for distribution soon, the company said.

Photograph courtesy of Swissx Oil & Confectionery Inc.