7 Limited-Time Winter Product Rollouts

chocolate sauce

Holiday limited-time rollouts add an extra festive punch to the limited-time-offer (LTO) concept.

Click through to view seven holiday limited-time offers—some equipped with gift boxes or packs—that have arrived at market recently across categories such as candy, cookies, beverages and indulgent snacks. This year, even energy gummies are capitalizing on the opportunity.

Photograph: Shutterstock

1. Fat Badger Bakery


A dedicated vegan bakery specializing in small-batch cookies, Fat Badger Bakery’s Holiday Flavors box includes Chewy Chocolate Brownies, Soft Ginger Cookies spiced with crystallized ginger, chocolate and vanilla layered cookies and chocolate chip cookies.

Photograph: Shutterstock

2. Sparkling Ice

sparkling ice cranberry frost

Available through the end of 2018, Sparkling Ice Cranberry Frost is a limited-edition flavor of the carbonated water. Offering a fruity carbonated taste profile with sweet cranberries and ginger flavor notes, Cranberry Frost is a zero-calorie, zero-sugar drink made with antioxidants and vitamins. As part of the launch, the brand rolled out a Limited Time Club Pack featuring three seasonal Sparkling Ice flavors: Cranberry Frost, Ginger Lime and Crisp Apple.

Photograph courtesy of Sparkling Ice

3. R.M. Palmer Co.

football fantasy

R.M. Palmer Co.’s product offerings for Christmas 2018 starts with a 22-ounce Football FANtasy offer, a life-size hollow milk chocolate football (SRP $11.99). Additional Christmas novelty items include Puddles, decorated white and milk chocolates in four snowman designs; Flakey, a solid cookies and cream treat decorated with snowman attire; Double Crisp Praying Hands Christmas Card in two card designs; and Peppermint Bark Coins packaged in red mesh with festive tags. The latter four items are available for an SRP of $1.

Photograph courtesy of R.M. Palmer

4. Seattle Gummy Co.

seattle gummy logo

Seattle Gummy Co. is offering limited-time seasonal flavors of its Mocca Shots High Energy Gummies. The enhanced chocolate chews have the highest concentration of caffeine available in a product, according to the supplier. Three new flavors include Pumpkin Spice (rich truffle chocolate blended with holiday spices), Peppermint Chocolate (combines truffle chocolate with peppermint) and Gingerbread.

5. Tastykake

flowers foods tastykake mint chocolate

Available now through early March, Tastykake from Flowers Foods is offering a handful of limited-edition products. Chocolate Mint Glazed Pies are buttery, flakey glazed crusts filled with mint chocolate filling in individual 4.5-ounce packages. Also available, mini doughnuts in Red Velvet (10-ounce bags) and Salted Carmel (11.5-ounce bags), Maple Sweet Rolls (14.4-ounce boxes) and Mint Kandy Kakes (8-ounce boxes).

Photograph courtesy of Flowers Foods

6. Drake’s

drakes devil dogs mint

After surveying consumers on their preferences, Drake’s from McKee Foods expanded its flagship Drake’s Devil Dogs with Drake’s Christmas Mint Creme Devil Dogs, available for a limited time now through Christmas. The holiday offer includes two devil's food cakes sandwiched around green mint-flavored cream.

Photograph courtesy of McKee Foods

7. Milkboy

milkboy chocolates

Milkboy Swiss Chocolate has found success with dark chocolate bars as well as gift boxes. Some specific items include Milkboy Swiss Alpine Milk Chocolate With Crunchy Caramel and Sea Salt, Milkboy Swiss White Chocolate With Blue Potato Chips and Sea Salt, and Milkboy Swiss Alpine Milk Chocolate With Roasted Almonds.

Photograph courtesy of Milkboy Swiss Chocolate