Cover Story: Hot 100

The top retailer-requested products of 2014

In last year’s inaugural Convenience Store Products Hot 100 issue, we began with an impressive number: 8,706. That’s how many retailer requests we received for information on products found in the magazine (via reader service card). This year, it feels more appropriate to start on the opposite end of the numerical spectrum.


There can, after all, only be one most-requested product, preceded of course by 99 other highly sought-after c-store products, each indicating a bit about what was important to you, the reader, this year. The list itself is derived from individual products featured in editorial and advertisements in Convenience Store Products, from the August/September 2013 issue through the July/August 2014 issue. Any product with a reader circle number was tracked. And while the products run the gamut from e-cigarettes to display cases, frozen novelties to cake balls, there is one thing on most retailers’ minds: foodservice.

There are eight foodservice-related products in the top 20 products alone—including the No. 1 spot—and 36 in the entire list. Talk about a one-track mind.

What follows is a comprehensive list of this year’s hottest products, including helpful callouts to not only some of the foodservice items that interested retailers most this year, but also products that reflected other big-picture trends in the world of convenience retailing.

With that, we are pleased to present your most requested convenience-store products of 2014. To begin, we lead off with something else that starts with the number one: 100.

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