Cover Story: New Year, New You (Infographics)

Data-driven resolutions for stronger, leaner, more profitable stores in 2015

The dawn of a new year always brings aspirations for better living, and Convenience Store Products is taking that sentiment to the store level with ideas for stronger, leaner, more profitable stores in 2015.

Like a New Year’s resolution to lose the belly or call your mom more often, many of these ideas are based on ways c-stores could improve. Others—also like resolutions—seek to amplify areas where c-stores naturally excel. They were all identified within data from research firm Management Science Associates (MSA), Pittsburgh, whose senior vice president, Don Burke, provided invaluable guidance for this piece.

Anyone who knows MSA or Burke understands that the truth lies in the numbers—lots and lots of numbers. Really, reams of them. So we combed MSA’s data for our ideas and present them here as a collection of infographics. Each overarching idea—Shape up Your Shelves, Work for the Weekend, Meet New People and Embrace the Seasons—tells its own story and holds within it countless other ideas for happier stores and healthier sales. So continue on, spend some quality time with each page, and map your course for a successful new year.

Shape Up Your Shelves

The most elemental, and yet most complex, step to happier, more profitable stores is to ensure you have the right SKUs—and that they’re priced right. You know you’ve got some products that aren’t moving, others that aren’t pulling their weight in sales and others still that could be bringing in better margins. In the four steps that follow, we help you think about places to rationalize SKUs, raise prices, build basket sizes and increase rings. Apply these sales trends to your category-management skills for more fit and trim stores.