Favorite Year-End Candies in Every State

Reindeer corn, candy canes and peppermint bark took top honors among the most popular holiday candies across the United States.

Los Angeles-based CandyStore.com, an online bulk candy distributor, generated 32,000 responses this year in polling what the most popular Christmas candy selections were for 2019.

Conferring with its major candy manufacturers and distributors to reinforce its own findings, the online provider found that reindeer corn had another banner year, finishing in the top three in 19 states, six more than 2018. This selection registered eight first place finishes this year compared to five last year. (Each state listed its top three candy preferences.)

States such as Michigan and Alabama have been on the reindeer corn bandwagon for several years, according to the survey, and other states are now catching the wave.

Candy canes gained market share, commanding the most showings in the top three than any other candy—28 vs. its next closest, reindeer corn, with 19. While first-place showings for candy canes actually dropped this year, the candy compensated by landing in the top three a total of three more times than last year, making it the biggest mover overall and extending its dominance.

Peppermint bark is also trending, picking up three new first-place states in 2019 to amass eight in all. There seems to be a regional preference emerging for peppermint bark that extends from Wisconsin south to Mississippi, hitting several states in the Midwest and South.

The National Retail Federation projects that the average consumer will spend about $110 on candy and food this Christmas, slightly up from last year, which is about twice as much as they’ll spend on decorations and five times what they’ll spend on flowers and potted plants.

Click through for a list of the top first-place candy preferences for all 50 states and the District of Columbia.

Photograph: Shutterstock

1. Reese’s Cup Miniatures

Reese’s Cup Miniatures (12 first-place finishes) from Hershey Co.: Arizona, California, Illinois, Indiana, Maryland, Minnesota, North Dakota, New Jersey, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Texas and Washington.

Photograph courtesy of Hershey Co.

2. Reindeer Corn

Reindeer Corn (eight first-place finishes) from Jelly Belly Candy Co.: Alabama, Connecticut, Delaware, Georgia, Michigan, New Hampshire, Rhode Island and Virginia.

Photograph courtesy of Jelly Belly Candy Co.

3. Peppermint Bark

Peppermint bark (eight first-place finishes), from multiple manufacturers: Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Mississippi, Nevada, Tennessee, Wisconsin and West Virginia.

Photograph: Shutterstock

4. Hershey Kisses

Hershey Kisses (six first-place finishes) from Hershey Co.: Arkansas, Hawaii, Missouri, Nebraska, Ohio and Utah.

Photograph: Shutterstock

5. Candy Canes

Candy canes (six first-place finishes), from multiple manufacturers: Colorado, District of Columbia, Massachusetts, Maine, Oklahoma and Vermont.

Photograph: Shutterstock

6. Snickers

Snickers (three first-place finishes) from Mars Confectionery: Florida, North Carolina and New York.

Photograph: Shutterstock

7. Pez

Pez (two first-place finishes) from Pez Candy USA: Louisiana and New Mexico.

Photograph: Shutterstock

8. M&M’s

M&M’s (two first-place finishes) from Mars Confectionery: Idaho and South Carolina.

Photograph: Shutterstock

9. Chocolate Santa

Chocolate Santa (two first-place finishes), from multiple manufacturers: South Dakota and Wyoming.

Photograph: Shutterstock

10. Reese’s Pieces

Reese’s Pieces from Hershey Co.: Montana

Photograph: Shutterstock

11. Starburst

Starburst from Mars Wrigley Confectionery: Arizona.

Photograph: Shutterstock