Hot 100 Products: 25-1

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In a little more than a year, we've put together a database of nearly 2,800 products. And last week, we began to unveil the Convenience Store Products Hot 100 most-clicked products of 2016. Today's list is the final countdown—the top 25 most-read product items of the last year. Click through to see how our Hot 100 list shook out.

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25: Hunt Brothers Pizza Hook, Line & Winner sweepstakes

Hunt Brothers Pizza Hook, Line & Winner sweepstakes

With a large number of its customers being fans of fishing, Hunt Brothers launched a limited-time offer pizza—ReelFish Pizza—on April Fools’ Day 2016. Done in jest, the promotion was executed around the legitimate launch of the Hunt Brothers Pizza sweepstakes Hook, Line & Winner. Users entered to win top-of-the-line fishing gear, with the grand prize being a Tracker boat valued at $16,000. The sweepstakes ended May 31.

24: Henry's Hard Soda

Henry's Hard Soda

MillerCoors unveiled Henry's Hard Soda, a new line of refreshing hard sodas made with real cane sugar. Sodas are 4.2% alcohol by volume, and are available in familiar flavors such as Ginger Ale and Orange Soda. Henry's Hard Soda has a smooth, moderate body, mild effervescence and a satisfying finish with refreshing, distinctive twists that vary by flavor.

23: Kayak Man Can

Kayak Man Can

The new Kayak Man Can was introduced nationally at the end of October 2015. This newly designed packaging contains 12 regular-sized cans of moist snuff tobacco and fits in a cup holder, so customers can take it in the car, truck or boat. The Man Can includes a refillable 1.2-ounce can, the equivalent of 12 cans for the price of 11. It is available in Long-Cut Wintergreen, Long-Cut Straight and Fine-Cut Natural blends. Eight Kayak Man Cans come in each case.

22: Butterfinger Peanut Butter Cups Minis

Butterfinger Peanut Butter Cups Minis

The mini-version of Butterfinger Peanut Butter Cups that features a smooth peanut butter Butterfinger filling mixed with crunchy pieces, all covered in milk chocolate.

21: Blue Marble Brands Tumaro’s gluten-free tortilla

Blue Marble Brands Tumaro’s gluten-free tortilla

Tumaro’s launched a 12-inch gluten-free flour tortilla for wrap-sandwich applications and more. Made with flours from non-wheat, all-natural plant sources, the tortilla is similar to the company’s other gourmet tortilla offerings. The tortilla will not rip or break, according to the manufacturer, and a resealable bag allows product to remain fresh longer—up to nine months frozen and guaranteed fresh when sealed for up to 45 days refrigerated.

20: Frito-Lay Top N’ Go

Frito-Lay Top N’ Go

Frito-Lay’s new Top N’ Go targets c-store customers looking for a hearty, customizable, on-the-go snack. New horizontal packages of Tostitos, Fritos and Doritos allow customers to add toppings such as chili, cheese and hot sauce directly into the package. Retailers can contact the company for samples.

19: Kellogg’s Pringles with Dip

Kellogg’s Pringles with Dip

Offering on-trend dip flavors, according to the manufacturer, Pringles with Dip are an on-the-go, single-serve snack that combines original Pringles chips with Creamy Ranch, Jalapeno Cheddar or Honey Dijon dip. The new product ships in 12-count cases.

18: Jolly Rancher Frozen Beverage lease program

Jolly Rancher Frozen Beverage Lease Program

Sunny Sky Products was recently awarded the license agreement to produce, package, sell and distribute Jolly Rancher branded products. The products include concentrated flavor mixes and ready-to-use flavor mixes for frozen carbonated and noncarbonated frozen beverages in the United States, Mexico and Canada.

17: John Middleton Royal Comfort cigarillos

John Middleton Royal Comfort cigarillos

Royal Comfort cigarillos are available in four varieties: Tropical, Sweets, White Wine and Black. Royal Comfort non prepriced cigarillos are offered in a foil pouch, with each pouch containing two cigarillos. Other cigar brands offered by the manufacturer include Black & Mild, Middleton's Cherry Blend, Gold & Mild and Prince Albert’s. Its tipped cigars are filled with high-quality pipe tobacco.

16: Ice Dog Slushie

Ice Dog Slushie

Ice Dog, rolling out in a Cherry Limeade flavor, is a ready-to-drink 4-ounce 100% juice pouch that transforms into a healthy slush variety when frozen, according to the manufacturer. Packaged in a stand-up pouch, Ice Dog contains 100% juice, all-natural flavor, no artificial color or added sugar and is low in calories. The product contains vitamin A, B12, 100% daily value of vitamin C, and is also regarded as a good source of fiber.

15: Extra Kinky Pink, Gold and Blue spirits

Extra Kinky Pink, Gold and Blue spirits

As part of its Kinky Cocktails line, Kinky Beverage Co. is launching Extra Kinky in 16-ounce cans and in three flavors with an ABV of 8%. Extra Kinky Pink is a fusion of mango, blood orange and passion fruit; Extra Kinky Gold is a blend of peach and tropical fruits; and Extra Kinky Blue is a combination of wild berry and tropical fruits. These varieties join the premium vodka Kinky Pink Liqueur. In addition to Extra Kinky cans, the product line offers 12-ounce bottles in all three flavors with an ABV of 5%.

14: Little Debbie Zebra Cake Rolls, Brownies and Nutty Bars

Little Debbie Zebra Cake Rolls, Brownies and Nutty Bars

Inspired by the taste of Zebra snack cakes, Zebra Cake Rolls are made with yellow cake, vanilla cream, white icing and fudge Zebra stripes. Zebra Brownies are a rich, chocolate brownie with white icing and the familiar Zebra fudge stripe pattern, while Zebra Plus Nutty Bars take the classic peanut butter crispy wafer taste of Nutty Bars and enrobes them in white vanilla icing and Zebra stripes fudge.

13: Minute Maid Sparkling

Minute Maid Sparkling

Coca-Cola unveiled a new take on sparkling water called Minute Maid Sparkling. This new beverage is made with 6% juice. It launched in March in 16.9-ounce slim bottles with 35 calories per bottle. Flavors include fizzy lemonade, mixed berry, tropical citrus and fruit punch.

12: New Image Global cigar line

New Image Global cigar line

New Image Global Inc.'s Royal Blunts cigar line consists of two products: Royal Blunts Cigarillos and 2XXL Cigar Wraps Kush Flavor Collection. 2XXL Cigar Wraps feature extra large wraps that offer consumers twice the product for the cost of one. The Royal Blunts line is available in five flavors: blueberry, sour apple, natural, wet mango and purple haze. The new Kush Flavor Collection is available in kush Kush, blueberry Kush, wet mango Kush, sour apple Kush, naked Kush, peach Kush, purple haze Kush and white grape Kush. 

11: Drink Happy Brands Jubi shot

Drink Happy Brands Jubi shot

A formula that lasts up to 12 hours, Jubi is a powerful nootropic (cognitive enhancer) shot that provides a feeling of stress-free clarity and focus while relaxing the body. The product contains 5-HTP, theanine and a proprietary “happy blend.” The combination of theanine and small amounts of caffeine are clinically shown to help give people a mental edge, the company says.

10: Drew Estates Pappy Van Winkle Barrel Fermented Cigars

Drew Estates Pappy Van Winkle Barrel Fermented Cigars

A long-filler, premium cigar made by hand in small batches at Drew Estate in Estelí, Nicaragua, the Pappy Van Winkle Barrel Fermented cigar features Kentucky seed and Kentucky-grown tobacco that’s fire-cured and barrel-fermented. The blend includes a barrel fermented “tapa negra”-style wrapper over a Mexican San Andres base wrapper, as well as aged Nicaraguan filler tobaccos. The cigars are packaged in 10-count boxes in two sizes: a 5.25 by 52 Robusto (SRP of $130 per box) and 6 by 54 Toro (SRP of $150 per box). 

9: Crocs Lighter disposable lighters

Crocs Lighter disposable lighters

A new line of disposable lighters under the Crocs brand rolled out this year. The Crocs line of lighters is made with a larger POM (polyoxymethlene) fuel tank and a pre-adjusted fixed flame, according to the company. Available in sparkwheel or electronic varieties, the lighters include merchandising display materials such as counter trays and a 3-tier rack program. With an SRP of $1, all lighters have proper DOT and Hazmat certification and meet ASTM standards.

8: Crocs Handy Lighter

Crocs Handy Lighter

The Crocs Handy Lighter is made with a POM (polyoxymethylene) fuel tank, a pre-adjusted fixed flame, electronic ignition and a large fuel tank. The extended-reach disposable lighter is available in a single-pack blister card and a 25-count counter unit. All Crocs lighters have proper DOT and Hazmat certification and meet ASTM standards.

7: Nesquik Protein Plus

Nesquik Protein Plus

Nesquik Protein Plus flavored milk is packed with 13 grams of protein per 8-ounce serving. The variety is made with 28% less sugar than the leading protein-enhanced flavored milk, according to the company. It contains no artificial sweeteners. Similar to all Nesquik ready-to-drink (RTD) products, it’s made with real milk. The variety comes in chocolate and vanilla flavors in 14-ounce RTD sizes.

6: Filled Cupcake Oreos

Filled Cupcake Oreos

Kind of like a Hostess chocolate cupcake with cream filling, the center of this limited-time Oreo is a small, vanilla circle surrounded by chocolate. 

5: L.A. Lighter Eagle Torch

L.A. Lighter Eagle Torch

The new lineup for the Torch lighter by Eagle Torch represents the next level of premium, high-quality torch lighters, according to the company. Several features include child-resistant and CPSC approved, lockable ignite button, easy flame adjustable level, available with up to four butane tanks, extreme high-temperature flame, soft-touch body for smooth feeling and a variety of price points to fit various demographics.

4: M&M's 'Flavor Vote' Campaign

M&M's 'Flavor Vote' Campaign

From March 1 through June 17, 2016, M&M's lovers had the chance to vote for the next limited-edition M&M’s flavor to hit store shelves. Your customers had the chance to choose from three new M&M’s Brand Chocolate Peanut varieties–Chili Nut, Honey Nut and Coffee Nut–in a socialized consumer campaign to determine America’s Favorite Peanut. After more than 1 million votes were cast, M&M's proudly announced the winner: Coffee Nut.

3: John Middleton/Altria Black & Mild Casino

John Middleton/Altria Black & Mild Casino

Black & Mild Casino is a robust blend that complements the manufacturer’s existing portfolio. The cigar features a dark tip to reinforce the brand’s essence of style and sophistication, according to the company. The new variety joins existing cigars such as Black & Mild Apple, Black & Mild Cream, Black & Mild Jazz and Black & Mild Royale.

2: Marlboro Edge

Marlboro Edge

Available only in a king-size box, Marlboro Edge is a non-menthol cigarette containing a bold and smooth flavor that extends the Marlboro Black family to meet adult smokers’ preferences. The product features a cork tip and is available nationally.

1: Swisher LTO Cigars

Swisher LTO Cigars

Swisher is nothing if not prolific, and its dedication to limited-edition cigar and cigarillo flavors has retailers interested—big time. Of all the Swisher LTO products on, 11 individual products all ranked high for readership, including Wild Rush, Cherry Dynamite and Arctic Ice (shown). Many of the Swisher product entries are two-for-99-cents or two-for-$1.49 promotional items, and those broad yellow bands on the top of all its cigars are paying off via retailer interest and attention. This top-clicked group of products fits the trend of retailer interest in all things smokeable (at least on our list), consumers' desire for high-flavor LTOs and a unique selling opportunity within a tumultuous tobacco category.