M&M’s novelty candy rollouts

candyrific m&ms bladless fan
Novelty confection
New M&M’s products include tubes, tins, fans, flashlights and cases.

CandyRific is teaming with M&M’s on the rollout of several new M&M’s novelty items, including Tube Fans, Bladeless Fans, Character Cases, Compact Cases, Rectangle Zipper Tins and Flashlights. The Tube Fans (SRP $4.99) and Bladeless Fans (SRP $5.99) provide a burst of fanned air and come with M&M’s fun-sized milk chocolate candies. The Character Cases and Compact Cases are available in Blue, Red and Yellow M&M’s characters. The Flashlights (SRP $4.99) are also available in Blue, Red and Yellow, while the Zipper Tins (SRP $2.99) come in Orange, Blue, Yellow and Red.

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