7-Eleven Franchisee Installs Innovative Cooler Door

Now playing in Mike Jammu’s LA 7-Eleven: enhanced volume and profits
anthony idoor

Mike Jammu regards his new cold-vault display technology investment as a conversation starter that morphs into a revenue generator.

Jammu, a Los Angeles-based 7-Eleven franchisee with two stores, invested $5,250 in new cooler-door technology—the Anthony iDOOR—developed by Sylmar, Calif.-based Anthony (a Dover Co.).

With customer attention spans on a shorter and shorter leash, the iDOOR technology serves as an attention grabber—as well as an extension of Jammu’s traditional brand promotional strategies, such as menu boards and other point-of-purchase techniques.

The patented iDOOR utilizes transparent LCD video technology embedded in cooler and freezer doors, offering compelling and differentiated ways to connect with customers. The patented transparent LCD screen is embedded in glass doors, offering transparent full-motion graphics in high definition (1920 x 1080).

The doors display high-definition images that tout limited-time offers (LTOs) on name brands, as well as 7-Eleven-branded foodservice items, snacks and, of course, beverages sitting behind iDOOR. Think of a cold-vault door doubling as a movie screen—or a hologram.

“It’s mesmerizing. Adult customers go out to their cars to bring their kids into the store to see it,” Jammu said, who installed one iDOOR last August on his 10-cooler door.

In the back office, talk focuses on volume and profit performances. The franchisee is enjoying a monthly foodservice dollar uptick of 5% to 6% on average, largely due to iDOOR, Jammu said.

iDOOR’s presence also allows customers to catch wind of store deals they never realized existed. Jammu said suggestive selling can often be problematic with busy cashiers, so iDOOR fills that void. “Some customers told us they were unaware of a breakfast burrito LTO until they saw it on iDOOR,” he said.

“Retailers find that their customers have conversations with clerks about iDOOR, so it’s a relationship-builder,” added Uri Rainisch, senior marketing manager for Anthony. “People want to be engaged in a digital way, particularly millennials. They’re both looking and yearning for this type of technology.”