7 Innovations in C-Store Facilities and Services

hand sanitizer

In the pandemic era, when consumers aren’t venturing out as much, store investments that speak to safety, security and health and wellness can win the day and earn a repeat patron.

Click through for a look at seven recent examples of new products meant to improve store facilities and earn consumers’ trust.

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Energy Door Co.

Energy door

Energy Door’s AMSafe Arm is a antimicrobial, hands-free door arm that sanitizes itself. AMSafe Arm allows customers to safely open cooler doors using their forearms, never touching the handle with their hands. The design uses a micronized antibacterial compound embedded into the arm, killing 99% of germs, the company says. Two finish options are available: black or silver.

Photograph courtesy of Energy Door Co.

Commercial Zone Products

waste management

Commercial Zone Products’ new EarthCraft Series is a waste-management center designed to deliver style, function and durability, according to the company. The fully customizable design was built with durable, UV-resistant recycled plastic material that stands up to the elements, the company said. The EarthCraft Series offers customized options that include a choice of waste or recyclers, colors, roof styles and opening shapes. It’s available in single- or dual-stream units and with or without decorative design on doors and sides.

Photograph courtesy of Commercial Zone Products


AI countertop

The Caper Counter unit is intended for smaller operations seeking a cashier-less checkout solution. Caper Counter uses computer vision and sensor fusion technology to detect and instantly identify items placed on the counter and automatically add the items to the purchase total. The solution fosters a faster checkout shopping experience and minimizes human interactions to keep employees and shoppers safer. Caper Counter can be installed without a store retrofit or downtime to operations, the company said.

Photograph courtesy of Caper


Minnow pick up pod

As foodservice operators rethink their food pickup and delivery operations, Minnow is offering a new contact-free food delivery and pickup solution. The company has launched a Minnow Pickup Pod pilot program with fast-casual restaurants and foodservice operators. The company says the unit reduces labor costs and provides a safer, more convenient experience.

Photograph courtesy of Minnow

Ohhy Media

wall-mounted sanitizing station

Ohhy Media’s Ohhy Ovation is a floor-stand or wall-mounted sanitizing station developed to keep c-store customers and employees safe. Designed to be placed at the forecourt, store entrance, restrooms or near checkout, the unit has interchangeable magnetic graphics on the front for c-store logos or ads. Ohhy Ovation is made from metal to withstand outdoor use. It has a capacity of 1,000 mL of sanitizer. A sanitizer refill service is also available to keep the unit running and filled.

Photograph courtesy of Ohhy Media


EV Box charging station

Designed to balance form and functionality, EVBox’s Iqon Level 2 AC commercial vehicle charging station is available for installation across North America. UL-certified Iqon provides an accessible, intelligent and reliable charging experience, alleviating common problems often faced at commercial EV charging locations, the company says. Features include Open Charge Point Protocol (OCPP) interoperability, user-centric design, LED light guides, accessibility smart cable management, energy savings and tracking and more.

Photograph courtesy of EVBox



Foodstiks’ disposable wood cutlery is marketed as the only sustainable alternative to plastic. Foodstiks are made from 100% natural birchwood and are both 100% renewable and compostable, with all wood sourced from sustainably managed forests. Other features include no use of chemicals, elimination of hazardous waste or byproducts and sturdy and strong construction. The products are available in bulk packaging of individual forks, knives, spoons or taster spoons. The company also offers 4-piece sets to support takeout and delivery business.

Photograph courtesy of Foodstiks