Genesis High Temperature Hood-type dishwashing machine

champion hood type dishwashing machine
Dishwashing machine
Features electronic controls, rinse sentry, auto start and more
The DH5000 High Temperature dishwashing machine features a sloped hood with electronic controls, rinse sentry, auto start, interchangeable stainless steel wash and rinse arms and more. Energy Star-certified, the unit also features an exclusive built-in booster configured for both a 40- and 70-degree rinse, while the auto start function starts the unit even when the hood is closed. With a high-efficiency 1-horsepower pump, the unit features a single-point electrical connection, a self-draining pump, automatic tank fill, detergent/chemical connections, interchangeable upper and lower spray arm, automatic drain valve that drains the wash tank when the power is off, vent fan control and bottom-mounted digital controls. 
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