Nitron2 Cold Draft

bunn nitron cold draft
Dispensed beverage equipment
Machine frees operators from chore of changing out, storing, cleaning or sanitizing kegs.

The Nitron Cold Draft machine frees operators from having to store, clean and manage kegs. The keg-free unit uses 1-gallon concentrate BIBs, or caddy packs, with each yielding 5 to 33 gallons of finished drinks. It has a 10-inch wide countertop design, with craft chrome tap handles and customizable LED-lighted door graphics. The Nitron Cold Draft can be used to make standard or nitro cold-brew and iced coffees.  

Company details

Company Description: Today's customer is looking for coffee and more for all day parts. They crave variety and you need reliability. BUNN® is a global partner built on a passion for making it simple and profitable to create quality in every cup for every occasion with a portfolio rich with industry-leading dispensed beverage equipment solutions.

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