16 Merchandising and Marketing Ideas

16 ways retailers are getting creative with merchandising and marketing

1. A two-for that drives health and indulgence

Kum & Go has a new approach for enticing customers to sample its selection of healthy bars and chips. Last January, the West Des Moines, Iowa-based chain launched a two-for promotion that lets customers pair good-for-you items with those that are simply good-tasting.

The chain has seen various results depending on the combination. “If they buy a traditional candy item (standard or king), they can select a better-for-you or salty item within the ‘mix and match’ offer,” says Stephanie Poitry, category manager of candy, snacks and dairy. “We have seen higher lift on the new secondary item than on candy items.

“With bars, it was very much either two candy or two nutrition bars,” she continues. “With a salty item, we have seen more customers choosing one of each (healthy and traditional).” One winning combination was a nutrition bar paired with Bigs seeds.

Price points vary depending on the everyday retail of items, but a recent promotion allowed customers to pick two for $2.25.

The promotion has also helped bring healthy items to the checkout counter, and the chain will keep learning from the program, says Poitry: “We plan to continue to test various combinations in the future.”