16 Merchandising and Marketing Ideas

16 ways retailers are getting creative with merchandising and marketing

Competitive Watch:

Restaurants Get Serviced Adele’s in Nashville, Steuben’s Food Service in Denver, The Yard in Phoenix and many more restaurants are seeking out a new type of locale to serve their fare—and the trend leaves something for c-stores to learn.

15. Like Adele’s, a number of restaurants have found homes under the airy, rustic roofs of old garages and service stations.

Aside from the innate character and history of some old auto garages, they also boast good locations (often on corners) and ample parking. Many of the restaurants parking themselves in converted garage spaces are embracing the aesthetic. “A lot of garages have naturally high ceilings and a rustic, industrial feel,” says Howard Greenstone, partner in Adele’s. “It takes a lot less design to create a fun, casual environment.”

Garage doors are a big draw as well. They afford a lot of natural light, says Greenstone. Plus, they make for easier indoor-outdoor dining potential.

Is there an old garage in your market that—with a little elbow grease and design work—could become a memorable place for guests to shop? Consider it, or your restaurant competitors may snatch it up first.