16 Merchandising and Marketing Ideas

16 ways retailers are getting creative with merchandising and marketing

Demographic Watch:

The Busy Balancer C-store retailers are well aware of the young male shopper. What Chicago-based Technomic calls Functional Eaters, these male, lower-income millennials make up 20% of the foodservice consumer population but account for 22% of foodservice occasions. They use snacks and meals as fuel, opt for familiar foods and restaurants and are incredibly loyal to those establishments that meet their needs.

But it’s time you made room for another consumer type:

16. The Busy Balancer makes up only 14% of the foodservice consumer population but accounts for 23% of all foodservice occasions.

Together, the Busy Balancer and Functional Eater make up half of all c-store foodservice users.

The Busy Balancer is female, millennial and mid-upper-income level, according to Technomic. She does it all and wants it all, often juggling a career, family obligations and a bustling role in the community.

The Busy Balancer overindexes in foodservice occasions because she relies on it to maintain her lifestyle, and she’s willing to spend more for not only the convenience of foodservice, but also any extra attention toward quality. She’s also driving away-from-home breakfast sales, so consider ways to snag her between daycare drop-off and that first meeting of the day.