16 Merchandising and Marketing Ideas

16 ways retailers are getting creative with merchandising and marketing

6. Corporate aesthetics on an indie budget

Josh Lund is a man of few words. It’s not that Lund, owner of Beaudry Express in Elk River, Minn., isn’t a gregarious fellow. Rather, his economy with words plays out another way: in-store signage policies. His interior and exterior signage is concise, quick to the point, never handwritten, and without clutter.

The painstaking process isn’t always something single-store c-store retailers embrace, but Lund knows the payoff: People are pressed for time and must read displays quickly to catch the gist of a deal and make the purchase. “They want pictures [of products] and prices,” he says.

Signs are created around product discounts within four-week promotional time cycles. “We felt that two weeks doesn’t give customers enough time to comprehend promotions we’re running,” he says. “Perception is everything. We want people to say that our store has the feel of a chain store.”

He has even crafted ancillary signage around programs such as Wolfgang Puck coffee and ICEE drinks that appear as if they were done at a supplier’s corporate office. “Nobody would have known that we made it,” he says.