Bistro Collection Baileys desserts

tyson bistro collection baileys brownie
Brownies, cheesecake and sponge cake feature Baileys Irish Cream.

Tyson Foods’ Bistro Collection is introducing three on-trend Baileys-flavored desserts. Made with the liqueur brand, the hand-finished desserts include Baileys Dark Chocolate Swirl Brownie, a dark-chocolate brownie studded with chocolate chunks and topped with layer of Baileys Irish Cream-flavored ganache; Baileys Cheesecake, a New York-style cheesecake with swirls of Baileys Irish Cream and milk chocolate on a chocolate coffee crumb crust; and Baileys Gourmet Cake, which combines three layers of European sponge cake soaked in Baileys Irish Cream and filled with coffee-flavored mousse.

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