Campbell Soup to Disclose GMOs

The world’s largest soup maker will start disclosing the ingredients on all products
gmo label

In a break with other major CPG manufacturers, Campbell Soup Co. will soon begin identifying genetically modified organisms (GMOs) on all product packaging. The company is also giving its support to efforts to create a federal mandatory GMO-labeling standard.

The company separated itself from other CPG manufacturers and announced last week its support for the federal mandate, removing their support from all efforts by groups opposing such measures.

According to Reuters, companies such as PepsiCo Inc. and Kellogg Co. have spoken out against the measures and have spent millions of dollars to defeat GMO-labeling ballot proposals in Oregon, Colorado, Washington and California, citing unnecessary costs.

"This could be a watershed moment," Michele Simon, a public health lawyer, told Reuters. "There is a breaking of the ranks."

Campbell Soup “continues to oppose a patchwork of state-by-state labeling laws, which it believes are incomplete, impractical and create unnecessary confusion for customers,” the company announced in a statement. The company “continues to recognize that GMOs are safe, as the science indicates that foods derived from crops grown using genetically modified seeds are not nutritionally different from other foods.”

Vermont was the first state to enact labeling requirements in 2014 when it passed a law requiring food manufacturers to label GMOs on their products. Groups representing the packaged food industry have sued to block Vermont’s legislation that is set to take effect in July and will include a fine of $1,000 for violations. 

Campbell's announcement came six months after it said it would stop adding monosodium glutamate (MSG) to condensed soups for children and use non-genetically modified ingredients sourced from organic U.S. farms in its Campbell's organic soup line for kids.

“Our decision was guided by our purpose; rooted in our consumer-first mindset; and driven by our commitment to transparency—to be open and honest about our food. I truly believe it is the right thing to do for consumers and for our business,” said Campbell’s president and CEO Denise Morrison.

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