Gehl’s Smokey Bacon dispensed cheese sauce

Geh’s Smokey Bacon dispensed cheese sauce
Cheese sauce
Smokey Bacon Cheddar sauce is available in a dispenser designed to engage consumers.

Gehl’s offers its new 2.0 dispenser with Smokey Bacon Cheddar sauce. The dispenser is designed to engage consumers, add value and drive incremental sales, the company says. Designed for nachos as well as other foodservice applications, the company offers flavors in addition to Smokey Bacon Cheddar like Queso Blanco, Taco and Triple Hot. The company also supplies free point-of-sale materials.

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Gehl Foods

Ooey-gooey goodness awaits with Gehl’s! Our innovative dispenser solutions are simple to set up and maintain, making it easier than ever to deliver deliciously customizable snack offerings to your customers. 

Plus, we have six ooey-gooey cheese sauces to use all over your store. With on-trend flavors like Smoky Bacon Cheddar, Queso Blanco, and Taco, driving sales on high margin food items like tortilla chips, hot dogs, chicken, sandwiches, etc. has never been easier! Gehl’s Cheese & Chili Sauces aren’t only shelf stable and ready-to-serve, but fun and flavorful.

Experience the joy that comes with the warm, cheesy goodness of Gehl’s.


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